Bound by Fate Review ~ A book with a very good structure … 7 out of 10!

Author: Asher North

Release Date: 25 September 2017                           Price: $1:34 / £0.99

Reviewed by Felices

Cover Art by Asher North

Cover Art: The author has chosen a very striking cover showing a half-naked man standing beside a white wolf with the moon in the dark sky behind them. This is an accurate depiction of the book’s content being a shifter series.

Synopsis: The blurb gives an accurate outline of the story, being conflict between four wolf shifter packs, a description of the two main protagonists, and an inkling of a budding romance between them.

There is a mistake in the blurb concerning the name of the Black Fang/Claw (which is it??) which would have been spotted if the author had passed this over for checking

The synopsis states the book is a steamy MPreg Romance and the first in a series, however, there is no warning the book is for adult, 18+ readers.

Plot: Two wolf shifters, one Alpha, the other Omega, both rebelling against their destinies and fearful of an oncoming war, meet by chance during a period of unrest. The Alpha son of the Black Fang pack falls for the Omega son of the Silver Claw pack. They both go on the run when the Black Fangs go on the rampage to destroy them and all who shelter them. A Steamy MPreg romance. You can guess the ending but not the route towards it.

Main Characters: The main protagonists and heroes of the book are Damon Mooneye, the Alpha son of Aeton and Rhys Greyborn, the Omega son of Juno.

Secondary Characters: Numerous characters contribute to the story throughout, changing with different scenes. There are no female characters.

Flow/Continuity: Asher has a descriptive and flowing writing style. The book has a very good structure and the author draws you in to the story with several strands to follow, weaving them all together to give a thrilling conclusion. The edition being reviewed was an ARC which had more typos than I would have expected to see at this stage and the two main shifter packs seemed to have exchanged titles. The Silver Claw pack became the Silver Fang pack and The Black Fang pack became The Black Claw pack. This should have been spotted during the beta reading process.

Conflict/Climax: There is a lot of bloodshed, betrayal and heartache. Plenty to keep the reader enthralled from start to finish with the book building up to a thrilling edge of your seat, heart-stopping conclusion.

Editing: The editing could have been better. The errors in the shifter packs’ titles should have been picked up and there were numerous irritating typos which should have been corrected by the ARC stage.

Not enough time has been allowed between ARCs being distributed and the book’s release date for the book to be read and a review written or for any errors still remaining to be spotted and reported.

Authors should remember to have their synopses checked for errors.

Formatting: Clear, justified to have neat margins. Characters’ conversations all begin on new lines. There are no blank pages between chapters.

Conclusion: This is an excellent book one and should prove to be a thrilling series. I was slightly confused regarding the names of the four packs concerned in the story until I realised the author had made a mistake concerning two of them however this did not affect my overall enjoyment of the book.

I would give it 7 out of a possible 10.


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