Loving Noah Review: An impressive debut… 7 out of 10.

Author: Kenna Knight

Release Date:  September 24, 2017          Price:  $0.99

Reviewed by Chris & Dago

Cover Art by Louisa Maggio

Cover Art:

CHRIS – I looked at the cover art initially and thought it was really hot. Two young men are about to have a heated kiss and boy, can you feel the heat? But honestly, I wasn’t sure whether it fit the story because – though there are hot scenes included in the story, its tone is much more romantic than erotic. However, I think it’s a good one. It still made me pick the book, didn’t it?

DAGO – I think the cover of Loving Noah fit the story and is easy to remember, I do like pictures of the characters especially without being too descriptive.


CHRIS – It’s not an ideal one. Synopsis is a summary of the story which is short and to the point. For Loving Noah, it’s way too long.

DAGO – The blurb really drew me in. It was enough info that I wanted to read it without giving away too much.


CHRIS – I loved the storyline. It wasn’t unique but it did keep me on edge. I was kept interested to find out what was going to happen next. Though predictable at times, the story has a decent number of twists and turns – not too much drama either. A ‘long lost lovers meet again’ story which will please your reader heart.

DAGO – I like the idea of getting a second chance and maybe that everything in the time between hasn’t been easy. It’s definitely a favourite plot for me.

Main Characters:

CHRIS – Don’t make me start! By the end of the book, I seriously had a crush on Liam. He is my kinda guy and he even has killer abs. Liam Stone is the best, I tell you. A perfect boyfriend. Maybe too perfect to be real but what the hell – I still have a crush on him.

Noah Miller’s character makes you want to hug him because you can’t help but feel sorry for him. There’s only so much one person can endure. Which is why I was glad that Liam re-enters his life. He deserves to be happy.

DAGO – Liam was so stand-up and caring. He definitely had a great path in life, everything seemed to fall into place, but maybe he’s not so perfect, next door neighbour kind of guy, but mostly. Noah, oh, how could I not have fallen for him. I can’t imagine his life, but I definitely empathized with him as the story progressed.

Secondary Characters:

CHRIS Loving Noah has some really great secondary characters. Noah’s Aunt Kitty deserves a mention because she is such a selfless and loving woman, I simply wanted to hug her. I wish I had someone as supportive as her in my life. Also, Bianca – Liam and Noah’s best friend from school – is a sassy woman who entertains you throughout the book. When she’s in a scene, I can assure you thereu will not be a boring moment. Because the story has such strong and noticeable women around our boys, it wins a bonus point from me!

DAGO – The secondary characters, Bianca and Kitty, well, they were just kick-ass awesome women and I loved that they weren’t caricatures, but had real personalities and were interesting and part of the story.


CHRIS – Even though the storyline is gripping, the flow of the story is affected by the author’s odd use of first person narration in the present tense. It took me a while to get used to it and even by the end, I did not get completely comfortable with it. Not that such narration never works in books – I’ve read numerous books narrated in the present tense, but sadly, this book falls short in its execution.

Furthermore, there are some continuity issues in the story. The major one that I came across – which I was assured of that it was fixed in the published version – was the name of Noah’s mother changing between scenes. It goes from Anastasia to Katherine and back to Anastasia within a couple of chapters. A set of eyes to beta read the story would have caught these silly errors, in my opinion.

DAGO – This is a very fast-paced story and if this wasn’t second chance type of story, I might have been concerned with how quickly everything happened, but I think the speed everything happened was reasonable to these two men.

Conflict and Climax:

CHRIS – The conflicts introduced in the story were well researched and well executed too. It may have been strengthened in a better way but it still works. As I mentioned earlier, there weren’t any moments when I was bored and didn’t look forward to reading the upcoming chapter. However, the climax truly disappointed me. To me, the last chapter did not fit in well with the rest of the book. I felt the author was in a hurry to end it. There was no build up at all; I felt no emotional entanglement when I read the part which was supposed to pull my heart strings. It was a shame really, because I was waiting for that moment eagerly

DAGO – There wasn’t great conflict except maybe internally to the two men, just the kind I like the best. I love how it reached it’s climax and it definitely was in line with everything that had happened in the story.

Writing Style:

DAGO – I liked her writing style, I love first person switching back and forth between Noah and Liam so that I could see both perspectives without repeating anything.


CHRIS – The editing quality for this book wasn’t up to the mark. Specifically, to the tenses when it switched between past and present. Also, too many typos in the edition I was given, and some awkward phrasing which made me cringe as I read. For example, when Liam’s mother says “Chicken salad sandwiches are on the platter on the table” – I don’t think anyone would even say that. Or this part – “First, he removes the letter the lawyer gave him from its envelope and unfolds it. I’m concerned about this letter and how it will make Noah feel. On my back, I watch for a reaction from him out of the corner of one eye. He finishes reading it and places it back in the envelope without so much as blinking an eye.” Wordy, much?

DAGO – I had an ARC, and I expect that some of the editing issues I found, which were few, were likely fixed and didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story.

Formatting & Price:

DAGO – The formatting was easy to read, I liked the titles of the chapters. I admit, I like a chapter that’s more than the number, but something I should expect to come. There was lots of white space and it was easy to read, without having to do page turns too often, and yes, that’s one of my pet peeves. I definitely think it was priced fairly, maybe even too cheap. It was worth at least a fancy coffee, and the price was a super small 7-11 brand. Definitely worth your money – and that’s Canadian pricing!


CHRIS Even with all the negatives, I would still recommend the book. It’s a debut novel from this author and I’m already impressed by her writing as well as her story-telling skills. There’s room for improvement, yes, but at this stage, it is an outstanding effort. If the book is tweaked to fix the issues I have mentioned, this could be a real gem!

Taking everything into consideration, Chris gives this book 5 out of a possible 10, while Dago gives it a 9 out of 10!

Noteworthy’s Average Rating for this book is a 7 out of 10.

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