Omega Teacher’s Baby Review ~ Recommended for HEA & MPreg Fans … 8 out of 10!

Men of Meadowfall – Book 2

Author: Anna Wineheart

Release Date: September 26, 2017          Price: $0.99

Reviewed by Sophie

36290917Cover Art: The cover is vivid but not exciting. The top of the cover has two men grouped together not really touching. One is shirtless and the other wears an Oxford shirt. They are not looking at each other just at the viewer. There is a sleeping infant below the text.

Blurb: The blurb inside the book is a small paragraph describing the genres this story covers. The author gives trigger warnings to the reader concerning the mentions of death and accidents.

Online, the synopsis is more detailed however there are no trigger warnings mentioned.

The author advises of steamy romance however there are no adult only, 18+ warnings regarding the sexual situations in either place.

Plot: The plot is rather straightforward. The author introduces the reader quickly to Dale and Greg. In the first few pages, we learn the background of Dale and his attraction to Greg. The realization that the attraction is mutual sets the characters on their journey through the story.

Main Characters: Dale Kinney, 42 years old, omega professor of chemistry

Greg Hastings, 22 years old, alpha student and basketball star

Bernard Hastings, college president and Greg’s alpha father

The main characters are three dimensional. They are perfectly imperfect. Dale and Greg both have painful pasts, which make them afraid of a future with each other. Greg’s father Bernard is a demanding man who lives for advancement regardless of what his son wants. His interactions with Dale and Greg add to the tension in the story.

Secondary Characters: The minor characters are as important to the story as the main three. They are well described. They are family to the main characters. I loved Dale’s teaching assistant June because she gives him so much support.

Flow/Continuity: The book is written in 3rd person. The chapters alternate between Dale and Greg. This has made the story easy to follow. I liked the narration because it flowed for me. The sex scenes were not randomly placed in the story and were in context.

Conflict and Climax: From the first page of this story, there is a conflict building between the characters. Dale and Greg desire one another but any relationship between them is strictly forbidden. Another source of conflict is the twenty year age difference between them. The climax of Dale and Greg’s relationship happens instantly and begins the end.

Editing: Edited well. There are no misspelled words or spaces between letters.

Format: This book is clean. It is pleasing to the eye. There are no blank pages.

Conclusion: I believe that this was a good second book. The characters are interesting. I feel so much sympathy for Dale. He goes through so much but in the end, he gets the love he deserves. Fans of HEA and Mpreg will love this story. It will leave you satisfied and wanting more.

I give it 8 out of a possible 10.

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