Looking In Review ~ Great Plot … 8 out of 10!

Author: Michael Bailey

Release Date: September 3rd, 2017

Reviewed by Claire

36180253Cover Art- Amazing! It’s 2 men holding hands and fits the story perfectly. I love the tattoo that you can see, and the fact you don’t see the faces of the men. It doesn’t take away from the cover as you see in a lot of book covers.

Blurb- The blurb tells the story perfectly. It doesn’t give away to much and I found it to be quite detailed. The trigger warning needed to be there. I loved how he incorporated the title in the blurb as well.

Plot- It has a great plot. David has been hurt in the past and is trying to survive, and Adam is dealing with a personal conflict and meets David, and the spark is just there! I love a nerd and a big, buff, bearded, tattooed guy romance. It’s an opposites attract book, and I loved the love story in it.

Secondary Characters- They are Ryan and Lucas(Adam’s brother/nephew) and Greg(Davids co-worker at the comic book store). Ryan and Lucas are battling something and Greg has a back story as well.

Flow/Continuity- I felt this was there. It flowed well and I didn’t have a problem following along. I liked how he kept the months in there so you can see the time that passes, you didn’t have to guess.

Conflict and Climax- The conflicts kept on coming and building to what I thought was a great climax. The epilogue, I was almost in tears!

As a side note, there was one loose end that wasn’t addressed, not sure if this was on purpose, or a lead up to another book.

Writing Style- I love the every chapter is one MC’s point of view. I felt as the reader I was able to feel where both character’s were coming from and fell in love right along with them.

Editing- A few minor mistakes, but it is his first book. He did an amazing job, and the errors were nothing that I couldn’t overlook.

Formatting- I liked the way it was formatted, no issues.

Price- $2.99 for 237 pages. I felt this was worth it. I would pay this for a first time author.

I give this book 8 out 10

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