Love Before Dawn Review ~ Quick, Fun Read … 6 out of 10!

An Omegaverse Story (Kindred Book 1)

Author:  Claire Cullen

Release Date:   September 24, 2017                        Price: $0.99

Reviewed by Elaine

36304621Cover Art:  Light and crisp, the cover is bright and happy.  Standing in front of a salmon colored background, two hunky shirtless men stand closely together in the background, with a baby in a diaper in the foreground.  The book’s name is in bright pink handwritten script; the author’s name is in large, easy to read bold font.  The cover makes me squeal in delight. “Yes! It’s another MPreg story!”

Synopsis:  There is no blurb in the review copy nor on the “Look Inside” view on Amazon.  The synopsis can only be found on Amazon’s sales page.  It is adequate but seems to be entirely from Jethro’s perspective, not Miles’.  It could use another section describing the situation from Miles’ viewpoint.

Main Characters:  Jethro, the last Alpha Prime, and Lieutenant in the military in the North.

Miles Benson, Omega son of General Thomas Benson, the South.

With very little in the way of physical descriptions of Jethro and Miles, we are left to glean what information we can from the characters’ actions and mannerisms in the story.  While Jethro is acting a bit little selfishly before he meets Miles, there is a purpose to that selfishness.  To create a clan and build a community, Jethro must rescue Miles, and it would be easy to see Miles as a means to an end.  But Jethro is an inherently good man, and he proves he will cherish his Omega and do his best to be the best Alpha Prime he can be, not only to Miles but the future clan.  He is acutely aware of the atrocities in the South and is determined not to let them touch his Omega again.

Miles in retrospect has been brainwashed his entire life.  He is an innocent and kind person, knowing if he came online, his duty is to serve with a group of Alphas in the South’s military unit.  It may not feel quite right, but this is what he was raised for, and he will submit to his father’s will.  He is blindly trusting in the family who will so cruelly fail him.  In spite of it all, Miles emerges from his cocoon and learns to hope for a different future.

The lack of in-depth physical character descriptions is one issue I am struggling with.  Miles’ characteristics were literally “a young man with dark, unruly hair.”  Short? Tall? Slender? Fat? Eye color?  I must know these things, to bring the character to life in my mind.  Secondly, I don’t think we are ever told what Miles’ last name is.

Secondary Characters:  Jethro has a small group of friends who he relies on to help rescue Miles and build their clan,  and I imagine they will gain importance in the next book in the series; however they do not seem to have as close a bond as I would hope for them to have.  We know they are friends, that they fight for the ability to build a family together, but I am not feeling the bond between them.  They are building a community yet it doesn’t have the community feel.

Plot:  Claire has been an author who has kept my interest in her published works.  She has an incredible aptitude for creating storylines that are fresh and unique and really capture my attention.  I consistently buy her novels as they come out  But now, I am ready for more.  To take it to the next level, if you will.

As I read this book, one word kept repeating in my mind:  Worldbuilding.  The premise of a young man coming “online” as an Omega is fresh and unique.  They have matching glowing marks!  How cool!  Are they an alien species? How does this happen?  Where are they?  We get enough information to make the story enjoyable but no more.  If you are building a new Omegaverse, if you will, we need history.  Such as the North and South – is there a civil war?  Who is the South battling? Why are they battling?  What are the communities like?  How are Alphas and Omegas designated?  There is so much that can be expanded on that I think this book could easily be twice the size it is.

Flow/Continuity:  Love before Dawn flows well, the author keeps my interest in the storyline.  The pacing is fast, however, and before you know it, you’re reading the epilogue.  At one point in the book, we skip ahead five months, and that really pulled me up short.  The story was just picked up five months later without any documentation of that time period.  No spoilers here, but it would have been a great opportunity for character development especially for Miles; how he adjusted to his new life, freedom and even a job.

Conflict and Climax:  The conflict of the story is apparent; we know that Jethro needs to rescue Miles so that they can start a clan as Alpha Prime and Omega Prime without him suffering at the hands of the South’s military.  The climax, however, really just kind of petered out for me.  I don’t need a lot of drama, but it was just over without too much fanfare.  The falling action after the climax (specifically the MPreg part) also left me wanting.  I read MPreg because I want it to be an integral part of the book, with all the details!  Give me the pregnancy – the morning sickness, the bloating and swelling, the insane cravings for Cocoa-Pebbles, anything.  Give me baby diapers and childbirth!  Unfortunately, we went from “Hey, we’re pregnant” and “baby’s cooked, let’s have a kid” to the end.

Writing Style:  This novel is written in first-person alternating view.

Editing:  I didn’t have any issues with the editing, no glaring mistakes or typos that broke my concentration.

Formatting:  Each chapter is clearly marked, there are no blank pages or oddities.  Additionally, sections are clearly marked with the appropriate character’s name, there is no confusion on whose point of view we are reading.

Conclusion:  This book is definitely a steal at .99.  Claire Cullen has a talent for storytelling, and even though I seem to have a lot of critiques for this particular book, it really is an interesting story arc.  I adore reading a new series, and I absolutely drool over a new MPreg story.  I would love to see further books in this series expanding on the backstory to pull it all together.  I do recommend this book as a quick, fun read.

I give this book 6 out of 10.


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