Country Boy Review ~ Likable Main Characters … 9 out of 10!

Hot off the Ice Book #2

Author: AE Wasp

Release Date: 21 September 2017              Price: Can $3.73 $2.98

Reviewer: Dago

36174037Cover Art: I really liked the cover, it’s icy blue fits with the ice hockey theme which you can’t miss. Plus this matches City Boy (book #1)cover too. The series will look pretty co-ordinated when all together.

Synopsis: I think it’s a little long and has a lot of info. But it definitely gave enough that you wouldn’t be able to question what’s in the story. I knew I wanted to read this book without the blurb, to be honest. I loved City Boy and knew from AE Wasp’s writing that I would enjoy this story.

Plot: Arch rival plot worked well in this story. I liked that their history was a real part of the story.

Main Characters: I loved Paul and Robbie. They are likable and definitely full of issues and personality. They have great hockey skills and I felt their athleticism to be believable.

Secondary Characters: I always like in a series when previous MCs (in City Boy it’s Bryce and Dakota) are part of the new story to keep the continuity going. I love the building of characters that are added as more than just place holders. We definitely get to meet more of the team mates and people important to Paul and Robbie.

Flow/Continuity: This story definitely flowed right on from City Boy and while I wouldn’t have wanted to miss the first book, this one could be read as a standalone. I thought the continuity of the story was good, there weren’t any missing holes or things that didn’t jive with the first story.

Conflict & Climax: Without giving away anything I really liked the buildup to the climax and definitely a great resolution for Paul and Robbie.

Writing Style: I like Ms Wasp’s writing style, straightforward, easy to read, funny and interesting. There aren’t unnecessary bits of info that clog the story, I didn’t have to go back and forth to figure anything out.

Editing: I thought the editing was well done. I had an ARC and found very few minor errors. She also let others know that errors had slipped through and a new corrected edition is available to buy on Amazon.

Formatting: Again, I loved that there wasn’t too much whitespace and page flipping wasn’t annoying. It just came to me, it’s like reading a story on foolscap paper, single-spaced without the author needing to pad the length of the story. I wonder. So authors with little whitespace are my heroes.

Price: I definitely think it’s worth the price. It was $3.73 CAN, $2.98 US

Rating: 9 out 10 stars

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