The Angels Fall Review ~ Very good descriptive style … 4 out of 10!

Boundless Love – Book 1

Author: Noah Harris

Release Date: 26 September 2017

Reviewed by Felices

36299614Cover Art: The author has a beautiful cover with the subject of the title – an angel caressing a man. This drew me towards the book as soon as I saw it.

Synopsis: The blurb is interesting and definitely attracts me towards the book, however I am not certain the author has had anyone check over the content as it contains grammatical errors. The introduction to Tobias is written in the past tense whereas Azrael’s is in the present. The author also repeats a phrase in the same sentence which I find slightly irritating. e.g. The naked and unconscious man Tobias finds in the surrounding woods is more than mysterious with fallen angel looks that are more than just coincidence.

There is a warning of earthy sex scenes but the synopsis does not specifically say it is for adult, over 18, readers.

Plot: Fallen angel Azrael must save the soul of a human, Tobias before he is allowed back into heaven again. However will he want to go back when the pair fall in love?

Main Characters: Azrael – a fallen angel and Tobias, a man living a hermit-like existence after the death of his lover David.

Secondary Characters: David, although deceased, is a major influence on the plot. There are further minor characters later on although the book revolves around the two main characters most of the time.

Flow/Continuity: The book is written in the third person in the past tense. The author has a very good descriptive writing style although can become quite ‘wordy’. At times I found it difficult to follow as the subject of the sentence changed without warning or use of names. By the end I was left feeling quite depressed.

Conflict/Climax: The main character is conflicted with his feelings for his dead partner David and how being with Azrael feels as though he is being unfaithful. The story is fairly formulaic although you know with Noah there is always going to be a twist.

Editing: There are great swathes where the narrative is filled with ‘the man’ and ‘the other man’, and it becomes quite difficult to follow who is doing what to whom. I would have expected betas or an editor to have picked up on these passages and for them to be corrected before ARCs were distributed. Also to rein back the author’s tendency to waffle. Perhaps the author should allow more time for further corrections to be passed back from his ARC readers before rushing to have the book released.

Formatting: The book does not actually begin until page eleven and there are also blank pages in between most of the chapters which has increased the page count, a factor to consider due to the workings of KU. In some apps it appears the book has been formatted as if it were a paperback rather than an ebook meaning the text is offset to one side. The detailing of the chapter headings is a nice touch.

Conclusion: Although the author says this is not a book about religion there are in fact passages where the subject is discussed at length and occasionally I felt as though I was being given a lecture which spoilt my enjoyment somewhat. The author’s intention was for this book to be purely a fantasy romance story yet I am not so sure this concept has worked on this occasion.

All things considered on the date this was reviewed I would have to give this book only 4 out of a possible 10.

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