Tender With A Twist Review ~ Realistic … 8 out of 10!!

Author: Annabeth Albert

Release Date: 2 October 2017                    Price: £3.67 $4.87 Can$6.09

Reviewed by Dago

35913152Cover Art: I’ll admit, I really love Annabeth Albert’s covers and this one doesn’t disappoint. It matches Curtis in my mind so I like that. It definitely matches with the first book, which of course makes collecting a series that much more desirable when they are matching.

Synopsis: I think the blurb gives enough info to make you want to read without giving away the twists, which I loved.

Plot: I thought the plot was well constructed, it built slowly and realistically and there were lots of interesting turns that followed what I expected a romance to do so without being boring.

Main Characters: Curtis is a typical quiet gruff logger. I grew up with logging truckers and fallers and they definitely weren’t like Curtis, but the faller in my family definitely has the energy and muscles like Curtis. I definitely think I like the 2017 version over the 70s version I grew up with. And Logan, he’s a chef, which was my first career. Really could a book be more made for me?! Logan is so sweet, I love his determination in everything he does and sure added to the story.

Conflict/Climax: There was plenty of conflict, mostly coming from themselves, and I like character-driven stories the best. I’m a sap and would have been disappointed if the climax hadn’t happened like it did.

Writing Style: I like Annabeth Albert’s writing style, this story flowed right from the first, but not necessary to have read the first (but who doesn’t read all the stories in a series?). The story kept building and there was plenty of description without being overrun by info that you can’t keep straight. I liked that there weren’t a lot of extra characters added that didn’t add to the story and kept it easy to keep everything straight as you read.

Editing: I think that editing was pretty good, realistically with an ARC, I ignore minor spelling mistakes etc as something that will get refined on the final readthrough. There were no missing or weird body parts or incorrect names, the things that do make reading awkward and pull you out of the story. If I hadn’t been so tired, I’d have read it in one sitting.

Formatting: I think the book was formatted well, it makes me happy when there’s little whitespace and not a lot of page turning.

Price: I have no problem with the price, $6.09 Canadian is reasonable for a book this  length.

I give this book 8 out of 10

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