The Alpha Prince Review ~ Perfection … 10 out of 10!

Kingdom of Askara #3

Author:  Victoria Sue

Release Date:    October 9, 2017                                                Price:  $3.99

Reviewed by Elaine

36252486Cover Art:  The cover looks like a piece of art in watercolors.  Blues and greens are the central theme, with a touch of black shadows framing the artwork.  In the middle is a palace with the letters A and P in script over the front of the palace to signify Alpha Prince.  The title and author’s name are in bold, white scripted font.   The cover ties in well with the rest of the series.

Blurb:  The blurb perfectly describes the content of the book, and is not too wordy.  There is no 18+ warning or trigger warning for off page rape and violence. 

Main Characters:  Justice, Alpha of Arrides

Cashel, Omega of Solonara

Justice pulled at my heartstrings the moment he met Cashel and called him little prince.  Even though he has arrived to kill Darius and Cashel, he’s not a murderer; he just wants to take care of his pack and rid Askara of the evil Alpha Darius. He quickly realizes Cashel is his true mate and more importantly, Cashel is innocent in the atrocities committed by his father.   Cashel’s soft heart for others, even when he has been treated so horrifically his whole life really touched me.  He is the perfect Omega, not a mean bone in his body.

Secondary Characters:  The secondary characters play significant roles in the book, and they are very diverse and exciting.  Those who befriended Cashel after he had lived a solitary existence made my heart warm, but those evil characters were exceptionally well written.

Plot:   Justice is an alpha who traveled to Tarik-Dar from Arrides to take part in the tournament games where the winner will claim Cashel as a mate.  Justice, who has secret plans regarding Cashel and his Alpha father Darius, is a hybrid fighting for the lives of his pack.  Cashel has been horribly abused; tortured both physically and mentally for years.

The author beautifully transfers the emotions in her writing; I can feel how despondent and finished with life Cashel is, he is barely hanging on by a thread.  Justice is desperate to finally make a move to free his pack and overthrow Solonara’s vicious Alpha.  He cares deeply for his people and quickly includes Cashel in those sentiments.  The plot is not simple or straightforward, it has plenty of twists and turns, full of deceit and treachery.

Flow/Continuity:  The book moves at a quick pace with most of the story occurring in just a few days.  It flows well, and there are no errors that interfere with the continuity of the story.  Because of the complexity, it is not a quick read.

Conflict and Climax:  It is a long and winding path to the climax of the book, which includes many subplots designed to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.  From the way that Cashel is forced to dress, to his preparation each day of the games, each degradation forces Justice closer to the final conflict.

Writing Style:  The story is written in third person

Editing:  The book had no errors other than one mistake found.  There was nothing that took me out of the story.

Formatting:  The formatting of the book is proper, but includes no spaces between paragraphs.  I like more spacing between as it is easier on my eyes. However, it is easy to read nonetheless.

Conclusion: The plot thickens with this, the third book in the Kingdom of Askara series.  While it could be read as a standalone book, the reader would be doing themselves a disservice if they did.  The books are slightly interconnected and fascinating – too engrossing to not read all of them.  Victoria has a natural gift for storytelling, and I fervently hope that she continues to write for a long time to come.

I give this fantastic book a 10 out of 10!


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