The Pretend Husband Review ~ Told with great depth and feeling … 8 out of 10!

Romance in the City – Book 1

Author: Declan Rhodes

Release Date: 10 October 2017

Reviewed by Felices

36386657Cover Art: Two men, one  with a scruffy beard, shirtless, arms folded and smiling,  the other clean shaven, blue-eyed, a pair of wedding rings. Nice clear script font for part of the title The rest and author’s name in capital lettering. All against what appears to be a sea-side background. Self-explanatory. I like it.

Synopsis: There is rather too much given away in the synopsis. It appears to be a precis of the complete book bar the ending. We are told this is a romance containing steamy scenes but no specific adult only warning.

Plot: A simple story which has been almost done to death but this version is told with great depth and feeling. Two men see each other in a bar, their eyes meet and sparks fly. Alex is homeless and before you know it Liam has invited him to stay. Soon Liam is torn as he doesn’t want Alex to go back home to St Paul’s but doesn’t know how to tell him. Alex needs to go home but doesn’t want to. Neither man knows how to tell the other. Complicated by the ‘pretend husband’ backstory which you just know may not be so pretend. With the usual happy ever after. The story is quite improbable to begin with. Who in their right minds would invite someone they had only just met to come and live with them? But it makes for a good story.

Main Characters: Liam, museum curator, afraid of commitment; Alex, unemployed odd-job man and qualified English teacher, homeless after his break-up.

Secondary Characters: Sarah, Liam’s best friend and confidante; Mark Shroeder, one of Liam’s work colleagues; Chester, Liam’s beautiful black Labrador.

Flow/Continuity: The story was quite fast paced and there was always something happening. We tore through a whole range of emotions and at times I wanted to bang the two MCs’ heads together. But of course we as the readers can see what is blindingly obvious. This pair, Liam and Alex, are made for each other. But if they met in the bar and just got on with it, there wouldn’t be a story!

Conflict/Climax: We are led up, down and around the garden path in the build-up right to the end with the main event and we can guess what that will be – HEA for a ‘pretend husband’ or two.

Writing Style: Written in the first person alternating characters. Each chapter is headed up with the character’s name so you know exactly who is speaking.

Editing/Formatting: Well edited with nothing to drag you out of the story. The pages are well presented, justified so margins are even on both sides which gives a very professional appearance. Each chapter begins on a new page and has a simple, clear heading.

Price: At 99p this book is a bargain!

Conclusion: An enjoyable read if you have a few hours to spend snuggled under a blanket in front of a warm fire.

I give this an 8 out of 10.

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