Adrenaline Jake Review ~ Exciting storyline … 9 out of 10!

Jake & Maddox #1

Author:  Louise Collins

Release Date:  September 18, 2017                       Price:  $1.99

Reviewed by Sophie

36270874Cover Art: The cover art is interesting. Everything is washed in blue with the title information in white. There is a shirtless muscled man on the cover. I found it enticing.

Synopsis:  There is a warning about M/M sex and darker themes online.

Plot:  It is an exciting story about a diamond theft and a man who gets caught in the middle of it. We meet Jake first mid run. At first it appears he is exercising but he isn’t. He is a thief running. It is rather thrilling. A mystery man enters the scene searching for a diamond and chaos ensues.

Main Characters:  Jake, an adrenaline junkie and pickpocket. Maddox, a mysterious man, who is in search of a missing diamond

Jake and Maddox are interesting characters. The reader is introduced to Jake right away. The mysterious Maddox is not named until later on. The chemistry between the two men is off the charts.

Secondary Characters: The minor characters are fun to read. They give the story its lighter moments.

Flow/Continuity:  I found the story so easy to read. Every word felt like it belonged. It was written in third person rather than letting each character have their say. The intimate moments between the two men fit the story and help it move on.

Conflict/Climax: I loved this story because it was full of adrenaline. The two main characters Jake and Maddox are in constant conflict over a stolen diamond Maddox believes Jake has stolen. The tension between the two men is electric and leads to intense intimate scenes.

Editing: Edited well. I could not find any problems with the writing.

Conclusion:  I loved this story because it was exciting. Jake and Maddox made it thrilling with the diamond heist chaos and their very intense sex scenes. The secondary characters were hilarious. Fans of crime capers and darker romance will like this book.

 I give it a 9 out of 10.

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