Gray For You Review ~ Thorough character portrayal … 10 out of 10!

8 Million Hearts #2

Author: Spencer Spears

Release Date: 23 September 2017                            Price: £2.97

Reviewed by Felices

36294676Cover Art: Two guys, semi-naked, one look s like an innocent while the other is slightly older and holding the younger man around his shoulders. They are standing against a purple background and a skyline of the city beneath them. The images fit with the story.

Synopsis: Told from both main characters’ perspectives. It introduces them both setting the scene and outlining the story for this 565 page 150K word full length novel. I think it is perfect. It advises there are steamy sex scenes although there is no specific adult only 18+ warning.

Plot: An ex porn star and a troubled young actor who are the leads in a full length steamy film. They may be falling for each other in parallel to the film although neither of them know what is also happening behind their backs.

Main Characters: Gray Evans, the older porn star wishing to become a serious actor. He is hung up on his ex – Evan, who has treated him very badly. Tyler Lang, a serious young actor who has really messed up his life and now broke, will do anything to make up for past misdeeds even ‘coming out’ for the film in which he is portraying a gay man. Tyler desperately wants to please his father who cut off contact after the disastrous events of the previous year.

Secondary Characters: Violet, the film’s director; Micah, the bartender who is looking after Gray’s bar while he is away filming; Luke who is Tyler’s brother; Evan who is Gray’s awful ex and Tyler’s controlling father who I would have loved to have wrung his neck.

Flow/Continuity: This is a really well written story. There is such a lot packed into this book. Gray’s feelings of inadequacy because his ex didn’t want to be with him anymore. Tyler’s feelings of guilt and his inability to confront his fears, wanting to please everyone else at the expense of his own happiness. The way the two main characters can read each other knowing instinctively when something is off. The treachery happening behind the scenes.

Conflict/Climax: The portrayal of each character was very thorough. I felt as if I really knew each person. I wanted to hug both Gray and Tyler and at other times bang their heads together. How could they know each other so well yet not know how much they mean to each other? Will they or won’t they? You will have to wait and see!! And what exactly has Tyler’s father been up to?!

Writing Style: The story just flows. It is told in the first person alternating by chapter and drew me right in so I wanted to keep on reading. There is always something happening and it keeps on the whole way through right to the very end. Never a dull moment.

Editing/Formatting: The book is really well presented with everything as it should be. No blank pages and each chapter is titled with which character is narrating.

Price: Considering this is a full length 565 page 150K word novel, it is extremely competitively priced at only £2.97.

Conclusion:. If you love romance, unrequited (they think) love, tortured souls and a lot of backstabbing then this is for you.

Taking everything into account, I have no hesitation in giving this book 10 out of 10.

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