Haunted Review ~ 7 out of 10!

Author: Casey Ashwood

Reviewed by Claire

36359472Cover Art: There are two men, one is a nerdy type and the other a big buff muscular type with a tattoo. It has a nighttime feel with the moon and trees in the background. I think it goes well with the haunted them.

Synopsis: The blurb is long with lots of details. I think it could be cut down by leaving out the descriptions of the characters.

Plot: Colby’s house might be haunted, and he wants to find out if it is. He is a nerd and shy guy who does not get out much and wants a change. Declan is the investigator and with his team goes to the house and helps out. There are mysterious things afoot. The guys like each other but Declan brings a past to the table that might be hard to overcome. (Stated in blurb of book)

Main Characters: Colby a nerd who inherits an old house that may be haunted. Declan is an paranormal investigator, who is called upon by Colby.

Secondary Characters: Keon (Colby’s best friend), Shane, Riley, and Caden (Investigation team) and Logan (Colby’s uncle). Keon is in the first half of the book and then disappears.

Flow/Continuity: I could not stay connected to the guys. I am not sure what it was about this book but I didn’t. It wasn’t stilted, yet just felt it could have flowed better.

Conflict/Climax: There is conflict personally with the guys and professionally with the house. All resolved, and maybe left open for this to be a series.

Writing Style: Every chapter told the reader whose POV it was. Not always alternating, mostly Colby. I thought Declan could have been in there for a lot more.

Editing/Formatting: A few minor mistakes, easily overlooked. I was fine with the format, didn’t have any problems.

Conclusion: I was reading from an ARC. I usually do like this author and his other books, just found this one was hard to get into.

I give it a 7 out of 10.

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