Remy by the Sea Review ~ 5 out of 10!

Men of the Atlantic (Book 2)

Author: Candice Blake

Release date: September 26, 2017                    Price: $0.99

Reviewed by Lilith

36313983Cover art:  Cover shows two shirtless men against a background of stormy waters and a commercial fishing vessel. Title is clear but doesn’t indicate this book is part of a series.

Synopsis: The blurb draws you in but certain details differ from the story. The age of Mateo seems to be conflicted. The blurb states one age yet the story says another when it comes to the falling out with his parents.

Plot:  Remy meets Mateo at a bar in France and has an instant attraction to him. Mateo has learned he has to hustle to survive and wants to make it back home to South America to make amends with his parents. There are notes for a May/December theme, no cliffhanger and it’s a HEA. There is no adults only warning but it could use one, it’s pretty sex heavy.

Main characters: Mateo is a young twenty something who ran off to Europe after coming out to his parents and they were not being accepting. He learns to hustle to survive once abroad and that’s how he meets Remy.

Remy is a 44 year old captain of a crab fishing boat who is taking shore leave and is in the same bar as Mateo one evening.

Secondary characters: Drake is Remy’s longtime friend and crew member who was also a fling at one time when they were younger. Jay and Dylan are Remy’s friends who we meet later in the book. And Pablo is Remy’s dog who is his co-captain and companion.

Editing and story flow:  I had problems keeping with the story. There were editing issues and plot-holes. There was underwear that vanishes and reappears as well as Mateo leaving through a window with no mention of a bag and suddenly he has it in a later scene on the boat. Sex scenes were somewhat repetitive with each one being too similar.

Conclusion:  Due to the poor editing and plot-holes I had difficulty keeping with the story for the first half of the book. The vanishing and reappearing underwear and the bag that suddenly appeared on the ship kept drawing my mind from the story. It got better in the last half though. The sex scenes could have used more variety. Each one almost seemed like it was copied from the one before. The instalove aspect didn’t work for me either. The bond only seemed real after the storm and struggling to survive together. Besides the above mentioned items it could have been a good story. If you don’t get stuck in plot-holes and inconsistencies like I do you may enjoy.

Due to the issues I give this book a 5* out of 10.

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