“Rough” Review ~ Believable, three dimensional characters … 9 out of 10!

Author: Hayden Hunt

Release Date: 11th October 2017                               Price: £3.00 US$3.99

Reviewed by Felices

36398974Cover Art: A blond-haired young man, unshaved, topless with a muscular torso, in profile, against a backdrop of trees almost sepia in tone. Title written in Script with author’s name capitalised, all in white.

Synopsis: Sets the scene from both main characters’ perspectives, setting the scene very well. No warning of adult only content.

Plot: A young man, Jesse, comes home after losing his job, his girlfriend and his home. He is involved in a road traffic accident. On coming to he comes face to face with the one person he didn’t want to see – his very best friend Aaron.

Main Characters: Jesse, left home as soon as he could age 18 to get away from his horrible parents and left behind the love of his life.

Aaron, Jesse’s best friend, who pushed him away when he kissed him.

Secondary Characters: Jesse’s parents. If I had parents like them, I think I would shoot myself! His mother wants to know everything about every little thing he does and his father doesn’t care about him.

Flow/Continuity: This is really well written, so much thought has gone into every one of the 193 pages. The characters were very three dimensional and believable. The story is written in the first person alternating chapters with header naming the character who is speaking.

Conflict/Climax: There is so much hate built into the character of Jesse’s mother. She is truly unlikeable, homophobic and sanctimonious. However, we know this story has a happy ever after but be prepared to reach for the tissues.

Editing/Formatting: Very neat, justified to give even margins and with a double space between paragraphs which makes the text easy to read. Very few typos found in this ARC copy which will no doubt have been corrected before the book was uploaded.

Price: About average for a book of this length and worth every penny.

Conclusion: Good writing, good story, good ideas.

I give this a 9 out of 10.

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