Seen Review ~ Thoughtfully crafted … 9.75 out of 10!

Breaking Free – Book 2

Author: A. M. Arthur

Release Date: September 26th, 2017             Price: $3.99

Reviewed by Lilith & Elaine

36281352Cover Art:

Lilith – Cover shows a dark haired man with a beard staring off into the distance with a troubled look in his eyes, a perfect representative for the main character Kell. The title is clear and easy to read and clearly states part of a series.

Elaine – The cover is awash with teals, yellows and oranges. A dark-haired, scruffy but handsome young man seems to gaze pensively at something only he can see. All words on the cover including the author’s name and book title are in clear, bold font that is easily read.


Lilith – Captures the story well and makes you want to read more. There are warnings for knotting and MPreg as well as physical, emotional and sexual abuse which the story does contain and can be a trigger for some. Doesn’t mention child loss but is in the book this ends in a HEA.

Elaine – The blurb is well done, consisting of three paragraphs, and accurately depicts the book. There is a trigger warning present.


Lilith – Kell is an omega accused of the murder of his abusive mate, a first of its kind case. He’s being defended by Ronin Cross, who is both a friend of Kell’s brother in law and a former neighbor from his childhood. There is a social commentary theme running through the story without being preachy. It’s evenly balanced where you enjoy the story while learning about a subject you might not know about.

Elaine – Fairly simple and straightforward, the crux of the book is that Kell is on trial for his life for murdering his alpha, Krause. Unfortunately, he doesn’t think he did it. There are surprises and a few twists and turns, all emotionally charged.

Main Characters:

Lilith – Kell Iverson is an omega accused of killing his mate after suffering years of abuse. In that world omegas don’t have civil rights so it’s a groundbreaking case.

Ronin Cross is an attorney who is a friend of Kell’s brother’s mate and in a twist was neighbors when they was younger.

Elaine – Kell Iverson, 24-year-old omega, mated to Krause Iverson

Ronin Cross, 28-year-old alpha, attorney

Even at 14 years old Kell knows his place in this soul-crushing world. Omegas are worthless, and alphas are cruel. All alphas. Those facts have been beaten into him since he was young. His lack of trust and acceptance of all that has been heaped on his young shoulders makes me want to cry. He’s broken. Ronin knows he was bonded to Kell when he was just eighteen. As soon as he sees Kell after all these years, he knows he will never leave Kell’s side again. His patience knows no bounds as Kell struggles to make sense of things. The author excels at portraying emotions, and you feel as if you are the character yourself, you are drawn that deeply into the story.

Secondary Characters:

Lilith – Braun and his mate Tarek, Braun is Kell’s younger brother who we meet in the previous book Saved. Serge and Dex are back. The antagonist is Kell’s father in law senior Iverson, who uses his money and influence to get his way.

Elaine – Central to the story, Braun, Tarek and Senior Iverson are our main secondary characters. Braun and Tarek are all the family Kell has now. But it is Senior Iverson, Krause’s father, who surely wins evil-doer of the year. Oh, do I detest that man. His malevolence is palpable.

Editing and flow: 

Lilith – Editing and story flow is perfect, the story lines up in both books with no plot holes or missing events.

Elaine – The flow of the story is seamless. It moves along at a quick pace, and there is nothing that takes me out of the story. No issues were seen with editing.

Conflict and Climax: 

Elaine – There is a long slow buildup of tension and emotion as the trial starts, and Kell and Ronin have plenty of diversions thrown at them along the way.

Writing Style: 

Elaine – The story is written in third person


Elaine – Formatting is okay, and there are asterisks between scene changes.


Lilith – I loved the story and social commentary, the author weaved a story that not only made you feel but also want to do more to help others. This author has a real talent and I hope to read more from her. If you like books that make you think while enjoying a reading experience you will love this book.

Elaine – I am a huge fan of Omegaverse/MPreg stories. Add in hurt/comfort and this author, and I am the happiest reader on the planet. A.M. Arthur has written many angsty books; now she is delving into alphas, omegas, and the MPreg world. I couldn’t be more thrilled. She absolutely rips your heart out as she unconditionally throws the worst at her characters. She always makes my heart go kerplunk in the best and worst of ways. This book is the second of a series and should be read in order.

Lilith gives this book a perfect 10 out of 10, while Elaine gives it a 9.5 out of 10…

Noteworthy’s Average rating is 9.75 for the book!

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