Bernie Review ~ A gripping tale … 9 out of 10!

Barista Boys ~ Book 4

Author: A E Ryecart

Release Date: 27 October 2017         Price: £2.99

Reviewed by Felices

bernie-jpg_1Cover Art: A dark haired youngish man with beautiful blue eyes, a shy smile, and a short, tidy scruff, wearing an open-neck, white shirt. He is holding a cup and saucer presumably containing coffee. The title is in script with Barista Boys in a white upper case against a blue band and the author’s name in black beneath.

Synopsis: This is book 4 in this series, all standalones yet we meet characters from the previous stories. You do not need to have read the previous books. The blurb is well written and is a good fit. It introduces the main characters, some of their their back stories and how they meet. There is a caution in the copyright page of adult scenes and references to domestic abuse.

Plot: Bernie, the Barista Boys coffee shop owner comes across a man who has been mugged outside his apartment building one night. He takes him inside and cleans him up then lets him go. Jared Hastings is broken having only just escaped with his life after his lover went crazy. Now back home and living with his sister and her husband. Circumstances keep throwing them together and soon they realise perhaps they can fix themselves, and each other, together.

Main Characters: Bernie Porter, coffee shop owner, saviour of lost boys. Jared Hastings, ex corporate executive between jobs and currently on sick leave.

Secondary Characters: Pete, Bernie’s best friend and coffee shop supervisor. Danny and Jude, Conner and Ash, Stevie and Mack, all young men who Bernie has rescued and now work in Barista Boys coffee shop. Mack is also Bernie’s brother.

Lindy is Jared’s sister and her flaky husband Mikey (Michalis). They are also friends with Bernie, such a small world! Gunther, Jared’s ex does not appear in person but is pertinent to the story.

Flow/Continuity: The story flowed quickly along, told in the third person. There was always something happening. Bernie and Jared went from one drama to another crisis. The continuity was good, nothing which made you have to go back over any points.

Conflict/ Climax: We find out exactly what happened between Jared and his partner, Gunther whose increasing jealousy, control and deepening madness lead to a horrific conclusion to his and Jared’s relationship and Jared’s breakdown. And although the synopsis gives a hint of Bernie’s back story, we read the heart-breaking truth which explains exactly why he saves every lost young boy who comes to his coffee shop.

Editing/Formatting: The editing was slightly hit and miss although I was reading an early ARC edition of the book and no doubt the errors will have been fixed long before release. Formatting was tidy with chapters headed in a larger font and in blue, no extra blank pages.

Conclusion: A well told and gripping story. Pleasing that a UK author setting her book in London with English characters hasn’t succumbed to using US spellings which seems to have become the norm and really annoys me! Bonus point for that!

I give this 9 out of 10.

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