Making a Family Series Review ~ Realistic Characters … 8 out of 10!

Making a Family, 4 book Series: 

Book 1 Faking a Husband, release date: 13 August 2017

Book 2 Becoming a Boyfriend, release date: 28 August 2017

Book 3 Raising an Omega, release date: 25 September 2017

Book 4 Saving a Sibling, release date: 12 October 2017

Author: Rosa Swann Price: $0.99 – $2.99

Reviewed by Sophie

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Cover Art: The artwork is the same throughout the series. The reader is able to see one blond and one dark haired man staring out at them in the foreground. To the bottom is a row of old Dutch style architecture, which is nice. The background color is blue and the title lettering is black. I wish that the cover had a baby image because a baby is a character throughout the series.

Synopsis: There is sexual content warning and each part of the series has a nice sized bite of information on Aiden and Clay’s thoughts about the story.

Main Characters: Aiden, a young omega who is helping his sister to raise his infant nephew Seb.  Clay, an alpha and owner of the cafe where Aiden spends hours working on his laptop with his nephew.

I liked these characters. Aiden and Clay are an omega and alpha living within a modern day universe, where men can have babies. The whole concept is believable.  Aiden and Clay first meet in Faking a Husband as two single men and grow through the series so that by Saving a Sibling, they are committed mates. The men are really made for each other in my opinion because they have passion for each other and they support each other through the ups and downs of their relationship.

Secondary Characters:  The author gives the reader a variety of minor characters. They range from funny wedding guests in Faking a Husband to disapproving parents in Becoming a Boyfriend. I found them to be written realistically rather than flat. Clay’s family and his café staff give are the best secondary characters in my opinion because they are funny and supportive of the couple.

Plot: This series is like puzzle. Each part of the series connects together to create a whole story. In the first part, we are introduced to Aiden and Clay. The introductions are natural and not over written. The rest of the series builds on the first until the reader is left with a cliff hanger at the end of Saving a Sibling.

Flow/Continuity: This series is written in alternating first person with each chapter told from the opinion of either Aiden or Clay. I like that aspect of the series because it allows the reader to get into the mind of the main characters. There are no continuity issues because each part connects well with the others. I think the intimate scenes in the series fit well and are not sex for the sake of sex.

Climax/Conflict: There is a lot of tension in this series and it is not caused by Aiden or Clay but by others outside of their relationship.  The conflict is caused by their society and Aiden’s parents. In Faking a Husband, Clay feels pressure to be a fake husband because he is an alpha of a certain age and does not have an omega. Aiden’s parents place a lot of pressure on him in Becoming a Boyfriend because they disapprove of his lifestyle choices. In Raising an Omega, the conflict comes from Aiden and Clay’s society and its view on omega rights. In the fourth episode in the series, Saving a Sibling, the conflict not related to Clay and Aiden’s relationship but with their extended family.

I do not think that this series has come to its climax yet. The series is still building up to it.

Format: The pages are clean and well designed. The points of view are well defined with the names with the chapter numbers. There are no needless blank spaces.

Editing:  The series is clean with no misspellings or spaces in the wrong place.

Conclusion:  I really liked the Making a Family series because the characters were so realistic and it was easy to sympathize with their ups and downs. While it was not bursting with hot sex, the intimate scenes were well crafted. I believe that the author is a master at crafting an episodic series.

Taking the entire Making a Family into account, I give it 8 out of 10 stars because it is a satisfying read.


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