Fountain of Beauty Review ~ Well-written … 9 out of 10!

The Cubi ~ Book 4

Author: Meraki P. Lyhne

Release date: November 1, 2017

Price: $4.99

Reviewed by Lilith

cubi4Cover art: Cover shows three men, two shirtless and one with golden eyes. Great representations for the main characters. A red hue is the only color and the cover goes well with the branding and matches the theme of the series. Title, author name and that it’s part four of a series, is clearly printed in white

Synopsis:  Gives a good introduction to the story without giving out details.  There are no warnings for adult content but I would mark this for 18+ readers. The story is about a race that feeds on sex so there are plenty of sex scenes and some rape when the story arc gets intense.

Plot:  After escaping a human military attack on his kingdom, Cubi Prince Daniel is in hiding with his lovers and Lord guard protectors to learn what he needs to know to take the throne and rule his people. When the threat arises again and another attack occurs they must fight not only to survive but to get back together after they are scattered.

Main characters:

  Daniel/Nol Beaudon, a 19 year old half human/half cubi who is revealed as a prince.

 – Seldon, one of Daniel’s lovers and a Grand Sire

– Caledon, Daniel’s other lover and a House Lord

Secondary characters:

– Roardon, Daniel’s cubi father

– Susan, Daniel’s human mother

– Bill, Daniel’s deceased stepfather

– Marcadon, Seldon’s son and Daniel’s close friend

– Grand Lady Geodin, friend to main characters and Elakdon’s niece

– Nol Elakdon, King of the North

– Levidon, Guard Lord and Marcadon’s lover

Editing and story flow: Story flowed well with no plot holes.

Conflict and climax: Daniel’s struggle to mature and learn his royal duties while reconnecting with his human family is intense. The struggle to combine his human and cubi side was well written. The action builds when negotiations fail and the core group is scattered,this ends as a HFN as it’s part of an ongoing series.

Summary: Going to start with this is part of a series, so to fully understand it reading previous books would help avoid any confusion about mentioned events. The story builds slowly, completing one part before adding another. The feeding scenes are hot. This is a rare example of a well written story which includes sex scenes that only add value to the story instead of overshadowing it. I’ve loved being able to see Daniel’s growth throughout the series and it continues as does the bond and growth of other characters. Can’t wait to see what comes next for the future king and his council.

I give this 9 out of 10!


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