Can’t Fight It Review ~ Romance with a Capital R … 10 out of 10!

The BJ – Blueridge Junction – Boys book 1

Author: A.D. Ellis

Release Date: 1 November 2017                               Price: UK£0.99  US$1.31

Reviewed by Felices 

Railway into the sunsetCover Art: Young man dressed in white t-shirt and suit jacket with sleeves pushed up, together with older sexy, topless, ripped man complete with shaven head and tattoos looking out against a background of a sunset over railway tracks. Ties in well with the story although I imagine Levi’s character to be covered in more tattoos than the model used..

Synopsis: Good introduction to the story outlining the characters and their backgrounds and setting the scene. There is a warning for 18+ readers only due to language, themes and adult scenes.

Plot: Tattoo artist Levi, a solitary character, disillusioned by his attempts at finding love. Enter Jay, a young flamboyant dancer who takes a fancy to him and will not take no for an answer. Levi is determined not to succumb using the grounds of their age difference as an excuse however Jay is determined not to give in and Levi finds it increasingly difficult to stay away. When Jay gets into trouble will Levi come to his rescue?

Main Characters: Levi Wells – Tattoo artist. Jay Owens – young dancer.

Secondary Characters: Micah Edwards, mechanic, Levi’s cousin and best friends with Cody. Cole Pierce, high school teacher. Cody Parker Burgers and Beer (B&B) Restaurant/bar manager and best friend of Levi and Micah. Kenneth Marks, police officer. All are friends of both Levi and Jay.

Flow/Continuity: Told from alternating first person perspectives. The story is well told with plenty to keep the reader enthralled.

Conflict/Climax: Levi is torn between doing what his head perceives as being right due to the age difference and what his heart tells him it wants. Jay seems to be full of life and energy yet inside he is crying out to be loved. His back story is desperately sad. We learn more about it as the story progresses. We know how the story will end but the fun is in the getting there!

Editing/Formatting: A tidy publication. Type is clear and justified to make tidy margins. Chapters are clearly marked with which character is speaking.

Price: £0.99 a bargain!

Conclusion: Such a beautifully written story if you like romance with a capital R.

This has to be a 10 out of 10 read.




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