Featured Post & Review ~ ‘Til Death do Them Part … 10 out of 10!

Author: Meg Bawden

Release Day: 31 October 2017                                    Price: £3.04 US$3.99

Reviewed by: Felices

36506970Cover Art: A young man looking over his shoulder at the background of a graveyard, with a raven sitting on a gravestone belonging to Kian Eric Tomlinson and the shadow of a hooded figure within the moon. The cover is in black and white apart from the young man’s head and the title. This is mainly in white upper case with Part and the author’s name in blue script.

Blurb: Sets the scene giving the characters’ backstories yet without giving too much away. There is a warning of explicit adult content and an 18+ warning. Inside the book there is a warning about the emotional challenges which may be distressing for some readers.

Plot: Original and well thought out. Rhys is mourning the loss of his fiancé on the way home from a Halloween party and has cut himself off. Two years later on Halloween, Kian is sent back for one night only to help Rhys with his grief, however Rhys is not prepared to lose him again. Death will be sending the Grim Reaper to fetch him back next morning and Rhys persuades Kian to go on the run to escape him. But this is not easy when Death and Grim know exactly where you are.

Main Characters: Rhys Turner, still grieving after his fiancé died two years previously. Kian Tomlinson, the fiancé who returns for one night.

Secondary Characters: Grim, the Reaper. Need I say more? Juanna and Tommy, Rhys and Kian’s friends who have been helping Rhys throughout his mourning.

Flow/Continuity: This is an excellent piece of writing. The story is unique and just flows from one event to the next.

Conflict & Climax: My heart was in my mouth the whole time. How on earth is Kian going to escape from Death? We are told there is a HEA but boy, the route is tortuous and thrilling!

Writing Style: Told in the third person, past tense. The author knows how to tell a gripping, intense and imaginative story.

Editing/Formatting: Very well edited, no continuity errors, the odd minor typo which can be forgiven. When you are engrossed in a story as I was your brain sees what it wants and not what is. Formatted with justified text to make for good clean borders, no wasted space. Chapters are clearly headed in a larger upper case font.

Price: Well priced for the length and quality of book.

Conclusion: I haven’t read anything quite like this before. It is original and well written. Not a book to be read if you are of a nervous disposition, alone in the dark, where there are strange noises, and you are concerned about things which go bump in the night.

I give this book a well-earned maximum 10*.


Genre/s: M/M Gay Paranormal Romance

Length: 52,700 words

Release Date: October 31, 2017

Blurb: Rhys Turner’s world crashed and burned around him on Halloween in 2015. The loss of his fiance, Kian, left Rhys lost and unwilling to move on or seek closure. He spent the next two years wandering in the fog of grief, until Halloween rolled around again and brought Kian back with it. For one night.

One night was never going to be enough, though, and Rhys can’t let him go. He takes Kian and flees the Grim Reaper. Spending his life on the run seems like an easy trade if it keeps Kian with him, but Rhys didn’t count on how hard it was to run from Death. Not even the help of a witch and sheer pig-headed determination is enough when Kian starts fading a little more each day. Death’s hellhounds are nipping at their heels and the only thing Rhys knows for sure is that he can’t lose Kian again, no matter the cost.

This story is a part of a series, but is a complete story arc. It has a HEA and has explicit sexual content between two men. It is intended for audiences 18+.

Approximately 52,700 words.

Buy link

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Death-Them-Part-Dealings-Book-ebook/dp/B07715M7RT/

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/756435

Interview with Meg

Where are you from?

I live in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. I’ve always lived in North Queensland and this is the second city I’ve lived in, with the only other one being a small town about an hour south of here. So, it’s all I’ve ever known. I wrote one of my books, North to Zombieville, based in Townsville and I think I want to write more books with Townsville as their location.

How do you choose what to write?

That’s a really difficult question. I go where my inspiration leads me. I’m still a very new author and I’m trying to juggle nearly full-time work with writing and my private life. It’s hard. I love writing and I have to choose what I write carefully otherwise I’d never get anything done. My last release was in February this year, so there’s been a big break between then and now. ‘Til Death Do Us Part wanted to be written for Halloween, so I let my boys do the talking.

What do you like writing about?

Everything. It’s wise for an author to make a brand for themselves, to stick to only a couple of genres, but I have a love of all genres. I write from paranormal to contemporary to science fiction. I also write male/female romance under a different pen name too. My first book for that pen name comes out this month. It’s about what the characters in my head want and I let them fight over who gets their story told first.

How do you think up your characters?

I don’t know how to answer this question. It’s weird because they are already in my head, talking like a normal person would. I know who they are, what they are, before I even begin writing. Kian and Rhys have been in my head for over two years now, I just never had the time to write their story. And then when I’m finally writing it, it works out differently than I originally planned. But I always start with the bare bones of a character and let me grow into a person. It’s like starting with flour and ending with a cake!


Your book is about Kian being brought back to life by the Grim Reaper. How did you come up with the idea?

I wanted a sad story. Halloween seemed like the perfect time for it. I don’t remember how it began, but I do remember thinking about writing a story where one of the main characters dies in the first chapter. Like BAM! I wanted the other character to deal with this death and unable to handle it, because grief is a soul-crushing experience (and if you ever find yourself in this situation, please seek help!). It’s supposed to be a heart-ripping story that makes you feel for the characters and what they are going through. I hope I succeeded.

Do you believe in the paranormal?

Absolutely! I’ve had too many experiences with ghosts for them not to be real. Such things can’t be coincidental, because there is only so much coincidence before it’s beyond that. I remember when I was younger, strange things were happening, like the doors shutting when they were already shut or the kettle flicking on. I was home alone, and I was terrified, so I rang my nanna. She told me it was around the anniversary of my pop’s death and he was probably popping in to let me know he was there. She told me to tell him that he was scaring me. So I did. Nothing happened after that. And I talked to him because he must have been feeling lonely too. Imagine seeing your family but them not being able to see you. It would be heartbreaking. Now every year around his death anniversary or his birthday, I talk to him, even if I get no indication he’s actually there.

What’s next for you?

I have a couple of male/female releases in the next few months, then I have a gay romance Christmas story being released in December. Come the new year, I’ll have the prequel and sequel to my story The Alpha’s Birthday Gift, the next story of the series that ‘Til Death Do Them Part is part of (Riley’s story), and finally, I want to work on finishing my Zombieville series. I have lots planned, so I’m crossing my fingers that life works alongside me with this!


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Exclusive Snippet

As they stepped into the bathtub, Rhys twisted the knobs of the shower so the water began to fall from the nozzle. Once the temperature was right—a gush of scalding water—he adjusted it so it cascaded down their bodies.

Kian wedged himself between the spray and Rhys, grinning. He dipped his head under the spray, a groan escaping his lips as it drenched his hair and face. Rhys observed his beautiful man’s love for a hot shower. Kian was gorgeous, no matter what he did, but there was something that little bit more special as Rhys watched the spray of water pound against him. Maybe it was the way the droplets caressed his neck as they traced the long curve of skin, or the way Kian’s mouth dropped open in ecstasy. He couldn’t say which was correct—it could very well be both.

Kian curled his forefinger, beckoning Rhys closer. “Join me.”

Rhys grinned and stepped in as close as he could get. The hot spray pounded against his back, loosening the tight muscles. He moaned, watching Kian reach for the washcloth from beneath heavy-lidded eyes. It had been too long since he’d had a nice shower, and it felt like a hundred pounds fell from his body and washed down the drain at his feet. And as Kian began to massage his shoulders with the lathered-up cloth, Rhys’s knees nearly buckled underneath him, and he had to steady himself by putting a hand on the wall.

“Okay?” Kian asked, concern weaved into the one word.

“Fine.” Rhys pecked him on the lips for extra reassurance. “It feels really good.”

Kian smiled tenderly as he began soaping Rhys’s chest and stomach.

Rhys didn’t know what it was. Whether it was because it was Kian taking care of him, or because it had been so long since he’d had a good, hot shower, but the weariness in his bones slowly disappeared, and his muscles ached with pleasure. He needed the support he gave himself even more, so he wouldn’t tumble in the tub.

“Turn around,” Kian murmured into the shell of his ear.

He hadn’t realized Kian was so close, but now he was focused again, he noticed Kian’s breath against his skin, his hands curled around his arms. He followed Kian’s orders, rotating on the heels of his feet to turn his back toward his fiancé. As soon as the washcloth met his back, as soon as Kian’s hands began working the muscles there, Rhys’s eyelids fluttered closed, his long eyelashes fanning his cheek, and he moaned. Yes, right there. That’s perfect. Those familiar fingers worked him in all the right places, and two years of agony, pain, and suffering seemed to disappear. That just left behind a small hole of loneliness, which Kian was slowly filling up once more. It felt good, so fantastic.

“How does that feel?”

Rhys hummed in approval because he didn’t trust himself to talk.

Kian chuckled. “I’m glad it meets your approval, my love.”

He moaned because there wasn’t much else he could do.



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