Heart of Glass Review ~ Super cute short … 8 out of 10!

Author: L.J. Harris

Release date: 9 August 2017            Price: $0.99

Reviewed by: Claire

51noya9um4l-_sy346_Cover Art: One guy facing the reader, another guy looking away with a broken glass in the background. I thought a well thought out cover!

Synopsis: Pretty short and sweet, goes along with the story.

Plot: Nothing big or major. It is more about the guys than anything.

Main Characters: Zack and Heath. Zack is in Australia on holiday and meets Heath who is a car washer. They run into each other again and sparks fly!

Secondary Characters: Greta(Heath’s landlord/friend) and Zack’s Dad (no name mentioned). Didn’t really need them, didn’t add or subtract from the story too much.

Flow/Continuity: I felt it really flowed. From when the guys met all the way to the end.

Conflict and Climax: Not a lot of conflict, it was fast moving in such a good way!

Editing/Formatting: I found no editing errors, but it was set in Australia and used all their slang and language, although nothing that I felt I could not follow along. As in there were no words I didn’t know. I liked the Chapters labeled with the MC’s names.

Price: This book is $.99 for 55 pages, which I felt is well worth it!

Conclusion: I enjoyed this book! It was super cute for a short! Could it have been longer, sure! But while I was reading I really didn’t feel that it was missing length. It gave me just enough.

I give this a solid 8* out of 10!

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