The Omega’s Fake Mate Review ~ Great Premise … 7 out of 10!

Oceanport Omegas – Book 4

Author: Ann-Katrin Byrde

Release Date: 29 October 2017        Price: US$2.98 Can$3.83 UK£2.28

Reviewed by Dago

36501269Cover Art: It’s a good cover for this type of romance. It shows the characters and falls in line with a lot of other omegaverse books. And this is handy when you want to find books with specific tropes.

Synopsis: It’s quite a long blurb which is fine, but I’ll be honest, I skimmed it, I don’t want a lot of details as I want to discover it as I read. But I get that especially as it’s mpreg, it makes sense to be pretty clear about the content.

Plot: I love the premise that these two men knew each other as kids. They have now rediscovered each other and how they end up getting together is cute.

Main Characters: They were assigned their omega & alpha statuses and totally don’t fit their roles. I like Zander, he’s a total book nerd and I love there’s more to him. Nick is a great leader and can find adventure where ever he goes.

Secondary Characters: I always love revisiting the main characters from previous books and the story included them and they helped move the story along. I also like Nick’s brother and can’t wait to see how his story ends.

Flow/Continuity: It was easy to read, fast paced and enjoyable.

Conflict & Climax: The story definitely had a great arc from the ‘re-meet’ to the climax and I liked that there was a definite resolution, even though it’s part of a series and there’s more to come.

Writing Style: I like Ann-Katrin Byrde’s style. I like going back and forth between the MCs perspective.

Editing/Formatting: I didn’t notice any great grammar/punctuation errors and nothing to take you out of the story. It was nicely formatted, good font, easy to read.

Price: $2.98 US, $3.83 CAN, £2.28 I think that’s a fair price for this type of book.

I give this 7 out of 10 stars


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