Adrian’s Bodyguard Review ~ Dramatic & Intense … 10 out of 10!

Vampires of Vadin #1

Author: Shelby Rhodes

Release Date: 13 September 2017                         Price: £3.27 US$4.32

Reviewed by: Felices

36152440Cover Art: Background of a topless man, long-haired and hugging himself sitting on a throne-like chair. A topless man is standing in the foreground, appears to be looking out. We cannot see all his face because the publisher’s banner appears across the top of the page. There is the silhouette of a castle in the bottom left. The book title appears to the right in a gold upper case font, with the author’s name at the bottom. Fits with the story.

Synopsis: Concise and precise. Sets the scene of the book and the backstory of the main protagonists. There is no specific adult only warning but does mention this is a Siren erotic romance. There is no warning of the violence contained in some scenes.

Plot: Petulant self-absorbed Vampire King who accepts he needs a bodyguard after countless assassination attempts. Bodyguard thinks the King is weird but sexy. A classic tale but told with a definite twist.

Main Characters: King Adrian Bloodhart, Vampire King  of Vadin who has ruled for thousands of years and survived many assassination attempts.

Xavier Dayden, Captain of the Guards to Elf Kings Tristan and Aiden of Arcadia, soon to be appointed bodyguard to King Adrian. Although he expects a king of his age to be mature, he soon discovers him to be petulant, self-absorbed and immature

Secondary Characters: Baylin, Captain of the Guards and self-appointed advisor to Adrian who persuades him to accept he needs a bodyguard. Aiden and Tristan, Kings of neighbouring Arcadia and friends of Adrian who introduce Xavier to Adrian. Numerous other characters pop in during the course of the book.

Flow/Continuity: The story was fast paced, sometimes violent, sometimes sad but there was also a great deal of humour. I actually laughed out loud at times which is definitely a sign of a good book even though worrisome to other members of my family. I was slightly confused a couple of times placing the characters into context as there are so many, however, the continuity was spot on.

Conflict & Climax: The story was often very bloodthirsty dealing with treason and subsequent capital punishment but then this is a vampire story and they are hardly cute and cuddly characters! The climax is intense and extremely dramatic. The suspense is held right until the very end.

Writing Style: Written in the third person past tense. Characters were so well described I could visualise every one! The author certainly knows how to weave a tale together.

Editing/Formatting: Well edited, a few minor misses but nothing which detracts from the story. Formatting is good. Chapters begin on new pages with a header in a larger bold font. Scene changes are separated with asterisks. Justified to give clean margins. Altogether a pleasing appearance.

Price: Reasonable for the length and quality of the book.

Conclusion: This is a debut novella by this author. It covers every emotion known to man and then some. If you like vicious vampires and evasive elves with unscrupulous agendas this is for you.

This has to be a 10* rating for the sheer thrill.


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