Marrying a Mate Review ~ Vivid characters, memorable story… 9 out of 10!!

Marrying a Mate (Making a Family Book 5)

Author:  Rosa Swann

Release Date: 23 October 2017                  Price: $2.60

Reviewed by Sophie

36471326Cover Art: Marrying a Mate uses the same cover as the last four episodes of the series. I am quite bored by it because there are no new elements relating to the story. There are no pictures of babies or a wedding.

Synopsis: The author does a great job at giving the readers a sneak peak of the main characters’ thoughts about their wedding. I liked reading their inner thoughts before the episode begins.

Plot: This part of the series is straightforward. Aiden and Clay finally get married. They are joined at this event by old friends and random family members showing up with no warning. It is a rather interesting episode because it has its moments of crazy and calm.

Main Characters: Clay and Aiden are an alpha and omega, whose relationship has gone through a total transformation by the fifth story in the series. Starting out as total strangers, the men have found love and devotion with each other. Now in this episode, they are finally putting a ring on their relationship.

Secondary Characters:  The author has a variety of interesting characters in this part of the story. Some have been present since the beginning and some are new. I think the author is very creative with her secondary characters. They are perfect for the story because they support Clay and Aiden and they move the plot along.

Writing Style: The author has continued the first person alternating chapters point of view. It continues to work out pretty well for the series. I like it because it gives the episode’s event from two points of view:  Clay and Aiden’s.

Flow/Continuity:  Marrying a Mate fits perfectly into the series. There was no break in the story from part four to five. The story moves seamlessly from the last episode’s engagement to this episode’s wedding preparations and ceremony. The intimate scene between Clay and Aiden fits the story and was not there just for there to be sex in the episode.

Conflict/Climax:  This episode did not have the drama that permeated Saving a Sibling. It was relatively conflict free with just a little worry about family coming into the mix.  The wedding ceremony was the climax of the story. It was definitely the real high point of the story so far, which will be only eclipsed by the birth of Clay and Aiden’s baby.

Conclusion:  I think that this episode was the best of the series because the characters were so enjoyable. The author created great scenes where the characters really shone. The episode was joyful. It was great to see characters who in Saving a Sibling were hurt, be safe and on the road to normality. This episode makes me want to see what happens next in the lives of the newlyweds and their friends.

Since the characters were so vivid and the story so memorable, I must give this episode –

9 out of 10!!

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