Missionary Review ~ Good story … 6.5 out of 10!

Authors: Ian Lewis and Enrique Cruz

Release Date: 29 August 2017                    Price: $2.99

Reviewed by Claire

36154866Cover Art: Two men, one in a business casual outfit, the other a t-shirt, with a city in the background. I guess this works, doesn’t really tell you anything.

Synopsis: Really detailed and some of the things mentioned aren’t even in the actual story. BUT there are two short stories at the end that will help with this.

Plot: Ooh man! Fernando needs a PA and Brig’s job is ending as the bookstore he works at closes. Fernando hires him because they share common interests(books) and he feels Brig will make a good addition. Brig is a huge nerd, and is slightly overweight, feels Fernando will never like him. They both have things in the past to get over, both in their 30s.

Main Characters: Fernando(restaurant owner) and Brig(works at bookstore and becomes Fernando’s PA.)

Secondary Characters: Ashlee(worked at the bookstore with Brig). She is his bestie. Diego(Fernando’s Uncle), he is estranged from Fernando but plays a big part of his back story.

Flow/Continuity: It didn’t flow to me. Things weren’t right, past and present tenses in the same sentence, so flow was halted.

Conflict and Climax: There was not a lot of conflict and what their was, I didn’t know where it was going. Things could have been turned into something major but weren’t.

Editing: Some things I thought were weird, telling Brig to be at the job at six and he shows up at eight. The names that were repeated. I mean I get there is more than one name in the world. But having Carol as a boss to Brig and as a lover to a random lady. I thought was Carol gay? (she lost her husband hence the closing of the bookstore) Just felt she could’ve had a different name. Also the past and present tenses were used in the same sentence! Also some editing mistakes which didn’t help.

Format: Told from each MC’s pov. That’s the format I prefer.

Conclusion: I had troubles with this book! I thought the story was good, but somehow I got lost in it. It didn’t want to keep my attention. The epilogue was from Ashlee’s pov and I felt it was completely unnecessary. And there were two short stories about the MC’s told from their pov and I will be honest didn’t even read them. I didn’t want to because the author(s) explained the backstory. I just really struggled with this one. I don’t feel I connected with this one, which is not to say I wouldn’t read another of these authors’ books because I would, and this one is their first. So I would give a second chance, just not the book I enjoyed.

I give this a 6.5 out of 10.

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