Omega’s Mission Review ~ Refreshing storyline … 9 out of 10!

Hood Ridge Omegas – Part 1

Author: Reegan Lynch

Release date: October 16, 2017                Price: 0.99

Reviewed by Lilith

36428866Cover Art: Shows a muscular, shirtless man with dark hair and blue eyes. On his right is a closeup of a wolf’s face with blue eyes and lower down is a green eyed wolf. Fits well with the story. Two different fonts are used in three different sizes, while clearly readable perhaps a cleaner appearance could be found by using letters in fewer sizes. It does state it’s part of a series with Hood Ridge Omegas 1 at the top of the page.

Synopsis: Good intro to story and characters without telling too much. I like this approach, it lets the reader discover the story for themselves. Also lists that it’s part of a serial and it’s shifter/mpreg so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Only warning for content needed is an attempted rape scene, so if it’s a trigger for you this might not be your kind of book.

Plot: Mal is the alpha to the Three Rivers pack, and an omega is chased onto their land during an escape attempt from neighboring Hood Ridge lands. There’s been tension between the packs for years so the omega’s arrival is either perfect timing or a perfect trap. This is a refreshing view of the shifter storyline for an omega, which is not commonly seen.

Main characters: We meet Ira first as he’s being chased from his homelands by his brothers, Ira is an omega raised like an alpha, who has been sent on a mission. One he’s not thrilled about but it’s better than the alternative his father offered. Next we meet Mal, alpha of Three Rivers. He’s a young alpha who is leading his pack and needs an omega to produce young as that’s what expected of him. Seems cut and dry but not quite. My favorite is Ira, he’s not your usual quiet omega. He’s not looking for someone to save him, he’s looking to save himself even though he realizes that way isn’t easy. He makes a choice to follow his heart even though it leads down a rougher path.

Secondary characters: Since this was the first book most of the other characters haven’t fully revealed themselves. There’s Mal’s sisters and his best friend Luke and Ira’s father and brothers. The only ones to be really present in the story are Luke who is Mal’s right hand man, and Ira’s father, a petty jealous type who only wants power and land and will use anyone to get it even risking his own son.

Editing and story flow: As this was an unedited ARC, errors would be fixed for final release though I didn’t see many. And the flow was perfect, no plot-holes to be seen.

Conflict and climax: As this was part one of a serial the main focus was on character build up. There was an attraction between Mal and Ira but it built slow, allowing them to develop as individuals. Ira’s struggle was palpable, to kill and go free to a future as a lone wolf or disobey and face his father’s wrath. You could feel the turmoil as he was struggling to choose. Once his decision was made then the next story arc started to prepare for the following part. Which seems rather interesting, can’t wait to start it.

Formatting: Formatting was perfect, chapters clearly marked listing whose POV it was at the time. This was very well put together for an ARC.

Price: .99 A very reasonable price for a serial with multiple parts.

Summary: This was action packed from the get go, never a dull moment and lots of detail with the characters. World building so clear I could see the streets in the town. This looks to be a very interesting series to read and it’s reasonably priced. I’m interested to see what happens next. If you’re looking for a good series I recommend this one.

I give this one a 9 out of 10!!

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