Under Siege Review ~ Pre-release EXCLUSIVE … 9 out of 10!

Eternal Flames – Book 10

Author: Cree Storm and Maggie Walsh

Release date: 13 November 2017 Pre-release Exclusive   Price: TBA

Reviewed by Tai

23469024_1763331953690690_2113802789_oCover art: Two males at the front with one shirtless and having tattoos, sunglasses and a stocking cap. The second male looks intense with collar length brown hair and in a black long sleeved shirt. Behind the men is a stone gargoyle with a blood red sky and lightning in the background. Unfortunately, the cover is not up to the same quality as the contents. I would not purchase the book based on the cover.

Synopsis: Matches the story and gives just enough information to leave you wanting more.

Plot: Suneth is King of the Gargoyles, together with Wade and the Black Ops team are defending against magical and paranormal creatures they have no knowledge of. Someone or something is trying to kill Suneth, Wade and his team. Meanwhile, Fallon is trying to get the Jewel of Resistance at all costs.

Main characters: Suneth, King of the Gargoyles and a warrior. Wade, leader of Black Ops team

Secondary characters: Fallon, on the search for the Jewel of Resistance.  Many other characters make up this fantastic tale of paranormal delight.

Flow/Continuity: There was a solid flow in the action between the characters.

Conflict/Climax: Much conflict in attacks and trying to find who is behind the attempts to kill Suneth, Wade and his Black Ops team, and they are all trying to keep their mates safe. As this is book 10, there is surely a story to follow.

Editing/Formatting: Edited well with chapters marked clearly.

Conclusion: This is the tenth book in the series with there being another five in a subseries. While the books end in cliffhangers, there was a smoothness that made them easy to follow.

The series to date are to be read in this order:

  • Burning Desire (Eternal Flames – Book 1)
  • Rising From the Ashes (Eternal Flames – Book 2)
  • Courting the Phoenix (Eternal Flames – Book 3)
  • How to Claim Your Dragon (Eternal Flames – Book 4)
  • A Higher Calling (Eternal Flames – Book 5)
  • Fear of Discovery (Eternal Flames – Book 6)
  • Adding Fuel to the Flames (Eternal Flames Maddox – Book 1)
  • A Bite to Remember (Eternal Flames Maddox – Book 2)
  • Phoenix Rising (Eternal Flames – Book 7)
  • Bound To The Enemy (Eternal Flames Maddox – Book 3)
  • Power of Love (Eternal Flames – Book 8)
  • Tiny Treasure (Eternal Flames Maddox  – Book 4)
  • Partners In Crime (Eternal Flames – Book 9)
  • Sowing the Seeds of Love (Eternal Flames Maddox – Book 5)
  • Under Siege (Eternal Flames – Book 10)

I recommend starting at the beginning and going on the journey.

In reading the whole series, I mark them with a 9 out of 10!!

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