Coming Attraction Review ~ Mature & Interesting characters … 7 out of 10!

Authors: Andrea Dalling and Felix Brooks

Release date: 27 October 2017         Price: $3.93 US, $4.99 CAN.

Reviewed by Dago

36108207Cover Art: The cover was fine, pretty typical of a lot of sweet romances being published right now and the font is easy to read.

Synopsis: The blurb was descriptive and definitely felt that it matched the story without giving away anything.

Plot: I like young adult and sports stories and adding some confusion/questioning, it was very interesting

Main Characters: I thought the characters were very nice and both Brent and Waseem were very mature and interesting.

Secondary Characters: There were a lot of secondary characters as this second story in the series is developing. They weren’t overbearing but added to the story.

Flow/Continuity: I think the continuity was good after I got through the first few chapters. I found it a little difficult to start with but once Waseem and Brent’s characters got established, it flowed very smoothly.

Conflict & Climax: There was a lot of conflict and I liked how it was handled, nothing was perfect and it will be interesting to see some of their story in future stories.

Writing Style: I thought the writing style was good and it was easy to read.

Editing/Formatting: I thought the editing was good. There’s a lot of whitespace in this book, but it was still nice to read.

Price: $3.93 US, $4.99 CAN. It’s a fair price for this size of story.

I give this 7 out of 10 stars.

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