Within These Depths Review ~ A wild ride… 9.5 out of 10!!

Demons and Wolves ~Book 2

Author: Katze Snow

Released:  3 November 2017                        Price: $2.99

Reviewed by: Claire

36230134Cover Art: I LOVE it! It’s a man but he is a wolf/demon and the picture depicts it really well! There is fire, where the wings would be! And two hands on the top almost reaching each other! An awesome cover!

Synopsis: The Author does a fantastic job of explaining this. I can’t even be mad because it ends in a cliffhanger as she tells you about that!

Plot: OH Man!! A wild ride. Tanner is trying to settle a score and needs to get to hell. Alex has moved into Tanner’s residence with his family and is trying to get accustomed to being back there. A war is a brewing. There is so much in this book, you almost don’t know who to root for!

Main Characters: Tanner(half demon, half wolf), the Dark Lord per se, and Alex (fire mage) and Tanner’s mate.

Secondary Characters: There are too many to list! A few are Tobias,(Tanner’s twin brother) Sebastian,(Tobias’s right hand man, and an ex-lover of Tanner. Takashiro, (Tanner’s right hand man). Alex’s mom and sister, Emily. At the beginning of the book she gives you a reference of all the people, and describes ranks and locations.

Flow/Continuity: I was amazed at how well I was able to follow along. This is my first demon book written like this. The author has plenty of details she has to describe, with locations, people, and just general content. It was SO hard to put this book down! I was sad when it was over! A mark of an excellent author.

Conflict/Climax: There is a ton of action, you don’t know who to trust. Just when something is semi resolved it is not, and then the two main characters are back at it, fighting for survival.

Editing/Formatting: I liked it! Every chapter is listed with which MC’s POV. It is all in caps and easy to tell. I noticed no errors and was really impressed considering the subject and all the details the author had to include.

Price Reasonable: It is marked $2.99 for 183 pages. Considering how well the story is written and how much I loved it, then YES well worth it!

Conclusion: I was impressed! I was really anxious about reading this author because I am not into dark books but she BLEW me away. I could picture things vividly and I wanted more! I could not believe when the book ended it was over! The Bonus chapter was pretty sweet as well. I am waiting patiently for the next book and will be one of the first people to get it! Well done!!

I give this a 9.5!


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