Omega’s Choice Review ~ Must-read series … 9 out of 10!

Hood Ridge ~ Omegas 2

Author: Reegan Lynch

Release date: November 1, 2017                          Price: $2.99

Reviewed by Lilith

36432389Cover Art: Shows a well-built, shirtless, young man with blond hair. Over his shoulder is a closeup of a golden-eyed wolf, and a white wolf in mid howl graces the bottom of the page. The background is a purple-hued forest, which seems to be a branding of this series. Once again different fonts in different sizes are used. All are clearly readable and it does state that it’s part of a series.

Synopsis: Excellently done, gives enough info to get your interest without telling you the whole story. Also mentions it’s part of a series and the usual shifter/mpreg warnings. As this one was more angst and action no adult warnings are necessary. Does mention it’s an HEA at the end of the series.

Plot: After Ira and Mal spend four days bonding and mating in a cave all hell breaks loose when they return to the pack. Ira’s father has sent a gift of twin omegas who reveal Ira’s mission and offer a trade. They stay and bear young while Ira is sent back to pay for his failure. Now Mal is faced with an impossible task, lose his mate and child and prevent war or invite it by keeping all three omegas.

This is a very complicated and well thought out plot. The action keeps the pages turning and the angst keeps the emotional aspect on top as well. A very well balanced story.

Main characters: Mal and Ira are front and center, they provide the angsty part and some of the action. Luke rises to main character in this one. He’s tasked with watching one of the twins, the quiet one Cecil. I like Luke. He’s the voice of reason for Mal and even when they disagree, he’s still the one Mal trusts. Cecil is shaping up to be an interesting character too. I can’t wait to see him come into his own.

Secondary characters: Cyril is Cecil’s twin brother, he’s the protector of his twin. Life in Hood Ridge is hard for omegas so Cyril has developed a hard outer shell. His character development should be interesting too. Jed also reappears, doing his pack masters evil bidding. His orders this time are to return Ira to his father by whatever means necessary.

Editing & flow: Editing was perfect and the story flowed flawlessly. Much more action than part one.

Conflict & climax: This part had action and espionage around every corner. Mal and Ira had to overcome the revelation of why he came to Three Rivers and his choice not to complete his bloody mission despite the repercussions. Then there’s the child growing in Ira’s womb, a bond between them and the reason why Mal can’t take the enemy alpha’s trade. After an attack it becomes clear Ira’s father isn’t going to give him up that easily. Then there is Luke, tasked with watching Cecil. Luke feels a pull to the little omega but can he be trusted? He’s from the enemy pack and was sent by a brutal alpha who isn’t above killing to get what he wants. Maybe their story will continue in the next installment, for in this one the immediate threat to Ira was handled. You’ll have to read it to see how but it was very fitting.

Formatting: Well formatted with clearly marked chapters and sub-chapters listing who’s pov it was.

Summary: This part had more action than the first, I couldn’t put it down. All the plot twists keep interest going and its length makes it a perfect binge read. The growth for all the characters is amazing. The twins are an enigma. We learn why they are there, but Cecil doesn’t seem as into it as Cyril is. I’m anxious to learn their backgrounds to see what makes them tick. This series is becoming a must read for me.

I give this action packed installment a 9 out of 10!!

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