Spark Review ~ Amazing characters … 9 out of 10!

Author: HJ Welch

Release Date: November 14, 2017

Reviewed by: Claire

36554882Cover Art: Two men on the cover, one shirtless with tattoos (goes with the MC), other shirt open looks like he has his arm around other guy. Both looking down and away. An open road on the bottom (depicts the trip/journey they take). I felt this was an accurate description of the guys.

Synopsis: Pretty accurate! Detailed and just enough, I wouldn’t change it or leave anything out.

Plot: Joey has come home after his band broke up and ends up hitting rock bottom. His family is not so welcoming, he has low funds, and needs a job ASAP. Gabe has roots in the town, a house he lives in, but is broken hearted after a breakup. He randomly meets Joey, and since Gabe is a fixer, he tries to help him. Between Joey’s family, his job search, and Gabe’s job on the line, there is plenty of drama to go around!

Main Characters: Joey (singer in Below Zero), comes home in search of comfort, peace, and to start over. Gabe (librarian/firefighter/works at homeless shelter) job extraordinaire only wants to help people, and is very giving.

Secondary Characters: Joey’s mom and dad (mom is supportive, dad is not). Mitch (Gabe’s friend and boss at library).

Flow/Continuity: I felt it was a nice flow. I didn’t have any issues.

Conflict and Climax: There was plenty of conflict in this book with both MC’s. Joey with his family being VERY unsupportive providing tons of drama, and his quest to do something productive in his life. An incident almost makes Joey lose everything (I was worried for him!). Gabe has something come up in his professional life as well, which made me sad for him. It’s easy to understand his struggle, considering the why was his sexuality. BUT it all came together quite nicely and fittingly.

Editing/Formatting: A few errors but overall very well written. All Chapters were listed with whose POV it was.

Conclusion: I enjoyed this book! I read it after reading book 1, which I recommend but don’t necessarily need. I love that the Chapters are not overly long, and her subject is pretty harsh at times and accurate. I do not agree with all the language (gay slurs) but understand they accurately describe people who are homophobic and don’t agree to the lifestyle. But the boys are amazing and I cannot wait for the next book in the series!

I give this book a 9 out of 10!

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