Texas Gift Review ~ Perfection… 10 out of 10!

Texas – Book 8

Author: RJ Scott

Release date: 15 November 2017      Price: $4.99 CAN, $3.93 US, £2.99 UK.

Reviewed by Dago

36499005Cover Art: I love this picture and you will too when you read this book. It’s so fitting for the final Texas Series books. You know when you collect a series of books and they all match, well, this is a perfect example. The pictures and covers were consistent and will look as pretty on a shelf as they read in my tablet.

Synopsis: So I am going to admit, right here, didn’t read it at first. Seriously, this series is an auto-buy. The blurb was right to the point, not too many details but you know where this story is going.

Plot: I love the plot, it’s final part of the story and was full of twists and turns as Jack & Riley grew and as their family grew up too. The plot was around their family and how things change as everyone gets older. I’ll be doing a re-read of the whole series as soon as I can.

Main Characters: Let’s just say, I want my Jack. Riley and Jack are smoother, older and still as hot and sexy as ever.

Secondary Characters: Their children grow in this episode and they definitely added to the story. The other characters who have played a part in previous novels were more muted, the core family took centre stage and it was beautiful.

Flow/Continuity: I thought the flow was so easy, just like I’d imagine a Texan takes on life. I loved the continuity of this story and even studying maps was mentioned. All the characters held true to previous stories.

Conflict & Climax: There were plenty of moments of conflict and they were handled in true Campbell-Hayes mode. I think this is one of those stories where the whole book is the epilogue to the series and there were minor issues, but mostly just a peek into the HEA. And yes, I loved that. I always want to know what happened years later, even the regular every day stuff.

Writing Style: I love RJ Scott’s writing style, the story goes back and forth between Riley and Jack so smoothly. (and I just noticed their first initials are RJ, huh)

Editing/Formatting: I thought it was well-edited. I had an ARC and there was nothing that would take you out of the story. It was a big book, and all the pages were filled with story and not white space, my favourite kind.

Price: $4.99 CAN, $3.93 US, £2.99 UK. I think this is a very reasonable price. My caramel macchiato costs more, and the book was ever so much better!

Rated 10 out of 10!!

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