Giving Chances Review ~ Good Christmas story … 10 out of 10!

Author: Tanya Chris

Release Date: 14 November, 2017     Price: US $1.30 UK £0.99

Reviewed By: Tai

36487316Cover Art: A shirtless male laying on his stomach hugging a pillow. He has brownish, collar length hair wearing a Santa cap and brown stubble on his face. There are red presents in the foreground and a white background with snow covered trees. Overall, the cover is clean and makes sense.

Synopsis: Gives a glint at what is happening with the characters and matches the storyline. There is no warning of adult only content.

Plot: Mitch and his family have parted ways since he came out, leaving him alone until his family contacts him wanting him to spend Christmas with him present.

Jackson is newly single and looking. He meets Mitch and encourages him to see his family for another chance.

Main Characters: Mitch has always been in noncommittal relationships.

Jackson has always jumped into new relationships too fast.

Secondary Characters: Carolyn is strong, opinionated and Jackson’s protective BFF.

Mitch’s Mom loves him but is struggling with her Catholic faith, the new law allowing same sex marriages, and her gay son.

Flow/Continuity: The story unfolds easily with Christmas and the warmth of family.

Conflict/Climax: The conflict is in Mitch’s mind. He wants to be back in with his family but the fear of not being accepted is hard for him to deal with. There are many climaxes but no spoilers.

Editing/Formatting: The chapters have clear headings with the name of the character in bold type.

Price: Reasonable for the length of the book.

Conclusion: This book has the warmth of a good Christmas story. There is a tug on the heart strings for Mitch’s dilemma with his family and their Catholic beliefs. Sensitive issues are handled with care. This is definitely an adult only story which I would recommend as a read for Christmas or anytime.

Rating: 10 out of 10!

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