Home for Christmas Review ~ Interesting Short … 8 out of 10!

Author:  Lina Langley

Release Date:  November 3, 2017                              Price: $2.99

Reviewed by: Sophie

36543845Cover Art: A sexy Santa looks out at the reader. He is shirtless and nicely muscled with a tattoo on his breast. Snowflakes fall on him. The lettering is hard to read though; the yellow color is too light.

Synopsis:  The author uses one page to introduce the reader to the main characters. There is a sexual content warning.

Main Characters:  Rory Krueger, a traveler looking to go home for the holidays but has his things stolen

Spencer Crane, the policer officer assigned to the theft case

Rory and Spencer meet at very bad time Rory’s life, after he has been burgled. Their first interactions are good. Spencer is a very supportive of Rory, above and beyond his job as a police officer. Rory is very emotional and a bit of an arse. The sexual attraction between Rory and Spencer is there from the very beginning of the story. It is very enjoyable to see how their relationship grows and changes throughout the story.

Secondary Characters:  There are only two who actually make an appearance in the story, a hotel manager named Nicole and Rory’s boss Mike. Nicole is Spencer’s best friend and she appears more in the story than Mike. I liked Nicole better than Mike because she was a more helpful character whereas Mike came off more like a creep.

Plot: This is an interesting mystery. It seems straightforward on the surface but once you go further in to it, it gets more complicated.

Format: This story was told in third person. This story is a mystery with little bits of romance. There is hardly any sexual contact but what there is, fits well into the story.

Climax/Conflict: The major event in Home for Christmas is the theft of Rory’s belongings. This theft brings Rory and Spencer together and it dominates the story. The author was great at creating the conflict. The theft was always on the characters’ minds. The climax of this story was also well written. It is the big reveal. The reader finds out who the thief really is.

Conclusion: This was nice short story. I would like to have seen more romance between Rory and Spencer. I liked the characters and  I wish there were more pages in the story. I want to see what happens in their relationship but the story ends way too soon. All in all, it was an interesting short read.

I would like to give this story EIGHT out of 10 stars.


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