The Boyfriend Experiment Review ~ Hits the right spot … 9 out of 10!

Author: Sean Ashcroft

Release Date: 11 November 2017     Price: £0.99, $0.99 US and $1.26 CAN.

Reviewed by: Dago

36584822Cover Art: The cover is very nice and easy to read the title & author.

Synopsis: It was good at describing the premise of the story but didn’t tell everything about it.

Plot: I definitely think the whole patient/medical person thing is interesting and love it when they can get out of those roles into a more permanent role as a boyfriend. Gabriel becomes self aware and maybe, just maybe, he’s gay. And Reid gets to be there for the ride and offer some experimentation.

Main Characters: I love Gabriel, he’s blunt, to the point and has no hidden personality. He’s sweet, adorable and quite simply oblivious to his surroundings and himself. Reid is confident and set in his path and quite funny and caring. I love that they are so very different in many ways, but they are both unrepentant nerds.

Secondary Characters: I think the secondary characters, especially Alice, Gabriel’s work mate and Reid’s assistant, Carrie add to the story as caring sounding boards for both of them.

Flow/Continuity: The flow was smooth and was easy to read, a true sweet romance.

Conflict & Climax: It was a great romantic gesture type climax and I liked it a lot. I mean, it is a romance, there better be an enlightenment especially as Gabriel has to learn to navigate his world as a gay man, not just a super-smart scientist.

Writing Style: I like Sean Ashcroft’s writing style, each chapter switched between Gabriel and Reid’s perspective.

Editing/Formatting: There were no glaring errors, I thought it was well edited. There was little white space and easy to read font.

Price: £0.99, $0.99 US and $1.26 CAN. It is definitely worth the price.

Conclusion: I really liked the story, it had a lot of laughs and moved quickly. I really like Gabriel and Reid and enjoyed reading their story. It hit all the expectations of a short romance.

 I give this 9 out of 10 stars!

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