One Moore Trip Review ~ Excellent world building … 10 out of 10!

Moore Romance ~ Book 3

Author: Alex Miska

Release date: November 8, 2017             Price: $3.99

Reviewed by: Lilith

36563324Cover art: Shows two men smiling against a pink background, they appear as the characters are described in the book. There is also a bridge marking halfway point on the cover and a pug and kitten below, which also goes perfectly with the characters and story. Title, author name and that it is part of a series is clearly legible.

Synopsis: Good intro to the story and characters. Just the right amount of info is given. Does contain a warning for mature readers and for the usual fun shenanigans that is a characteristic of the series.

Plot: Trip and Tommy went from dating to friends. Tommy receives an urgent text from Trip and he shows up to  total chaos. A crying baby, naked toddler and a dog guarding an orphaned kitten are what he walks into. That’s where the story gets interesting. This is a great ending to the series, the epilogue may make you cry if you are familiar with the books.

Main characters: John ‘Trip’ Watson, Ph.D and Tommy Powers. Trip is your typical eccentric professor and Tommy is an ER nurse. I liked how they grew while raising the kitten together, Trip was able to start to trust others with his health struggles and Tommy forgave Trip for keeping information from him instead of letting him decide for himself. It was good to finally read their stories after seeing their names so often in previous books.

Secondary characters: Sir Francis Bacon, also called Frankie, is Trip’s pug. He adopts the orphan kitten Izzy as his own. Joy is Trip’s twin sister and mother to Sam and Charlotte, the children in the chaotic scene that brings Tommy in to help. There is also Julian Moore who is most present giving advice. And too many other Moores, their spouses, kids and pets. To get to know them you might want to read the other books, time well invested. Though Alex does include a family tree to help.

Editing and flow: As this was an unedited ARC, errors will be fixed before publishing, though the one present wasn’t enough to distract from the story. As usual for one of Alex’s books story flow was perfect with the nerdy humor that’s present in this series.

Conflict and climax: The conflict was handled well, Trip received bad news from his Doctor that sent him in a downward spiral. Instead of trusting those around him he decides not to be a burden and dumps Tommy. When they are still drawn together, first with a medical emergency and then Izzy, they start to build trust again. Thanks to Julian they take a trip, and the real healing starts. And Julian’s payback is fun to read.

Formatting: Clearly marked chapters makes it easy to read, loved the markings for them too. A cat for Tommy’s and a pug for Trip’s chapters.

Summary: This was a perfect end to a series, all open storylines  for previous  books were wrapped up. It was good to finally read Tommy and Trip’s story. Excellent world and story building. I highly recommend this book and series, you will wish you could meet a family like them.

I give this book a 10 out of 10*

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