Sweet Thing Review ~ Lots of interesting drama … 7 out of 10!

Pretty Boy #2

Author : Isobel Starling

Release Date: 8 September 2017              Price: $6.27 CAN, $4.89 US, £3.89 UK

Reviewed by: Dago

25235522Cover Art: This cover definitely portrays a model, which of course is always nice to look at. The title is easy to read as well as the author name. I’ll be honest, the title doesn’t appeal to me, but I like Isobel Starling’s books, so I don’t care and really, once it’s open on my reader, I don’t see again.

Synopsis: I like this blurb, it tells it like it is, without revealing too much, just enough to reel you in. And if you have issues, some are clearly stated like alcohol & drug use however there is no warning of abuse which happens in one scene.

Plot: Simeon has to forge a new path while fixing what was broken . He found an older man with enough problems of his own. Somehow they have to find a way to make it work together while trying to deal with their own problems.

Main Characters: Simeon is so fragile yet determined to move forward, I like his spirit and ability to be open and honest about himself. The complete opposite might be said about Bastian. He’s very closed off and harder to like, eventually I found I liked him too.

Secondary Characters: Simeon’s best friend Pieter and his little family are steadfast in their support and willingness to forgive and move forward, gotta like friends like that.

Writing Style: I like Isobel Starling’s writing style. I definitely felt like I was reading a book in Europe. The story moved very fast.

Flow/Continuity: I might have preferred that the French & German not be used as they all had to be interpreted in English in brackets after, so after awhile, I just looked for the brackets. I like other language in books, but mostly in small amounts, it’s a little distracting to me, although if I could read it, I would be reading in an accent – so I read the English in a German or French accent.

Conflict/Climax: Oh, now this totally worked for me. I love miscommunication and insecurity and how they don’t seem to hold any bias no matter who is involved.

Editing: I didn’t notice any glaring or annoying errors. It was easy to read, the only things I found confusing was jumping from each MC’s perspective, sometimes in the same chapter. And I found that there were line breaks in dialogue by the same character which I then had to think of who was saying the next line.

Formatting: The formatting was fine, mostly not wasted white space, clear font and chapters. The only thing I found was that occasionally, the chapters ended and the next started on the same page instead of starting on a fresh page. Even I don’t mind a page flip for a new chapter!

Price: $6.27 CAN, $4.89 US, £3.89 UK. I think it’s a fair price, especially if you love her books and you are following the series.

In conclusion, the story was interesting and there was a lot of drama and it hit some good notes with me.

I would rate this 7 out of 10 just because there were formatting issues and I found the flow a little jarring with the 3 languages used.

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