Manny’s Surprise Baby Review ~ Well-written plot … 7 out of 10!

Bodyguards and Babies – Book 3

Author: S.C. Wynne

Release date: October 29, 2017                Price: $3.99

Reviewed by Lilith

36507044Cover art: A shirtless man is shown over a city scene with a young girl and baby along the bottom. The kids definitely fit into the storyline in the book, but certain aspects of the man didn’t seem to fit. The title is printed in three colors with author name in white. Title could be clearer as the color of the words blends into background colors making part of it hard to read. Clearly states it’s book three in a series, though it can be read as a standalone.

Synopsis: Good intro to characters. Outlines the story almost too much but there are still some surprises to make it interesting. States that’s it’s a standalone enemies to lovers, fated mates and a gay for you storyline. They work really well together for the story. It’s book three in a series but can be read as a standalone, I didn’t read the first two and there was no confusion. There is pregnancy loss as part of Pierce’s storyline so if it’s a trigger maybe this book isn’t for you.

Plot: Pierce is a solar eclipse omega, a rarity in that world, who due to past abuses doesn’t trust alphas. Seth is an alpha  who works for Shield, a personal security agency. He discovers that he has an eight year old daughter from a one night stand whose mother recently died. A mutual friend suggests Pierce help Seth with his daughter until more permanent arrangements can be made. Things get muddled when during a full moon they follow their urges.

 This is a well written plot. I usually can’t get into enemies to lovers or gay for you storylines. Though maybe more of Pierce’s past could have been revealed earlier to help with his emotional growth and show why he didn’t trust alphas, even nice ones.

Main characters: Pierce MacPherson, a solar eclipse omega which is an unusual occurrence in this world. And Seth Rider, a bodyguard who works with Shield. Before Pierce, he’s noticed or dated women and discovers he has a daughter from a one night stand. I like both characters, their emotional struggles spoke to me. Pierce struggled to overcome a bad past and Seth struggled with a newfound attraction.

Secondary characters: Emily is Seth’s eight year old daughter and Colin and Riley are mutual friends of both main characters, who have a baby boy named Garrett. All well written and I may have to go back and read Colin and Riley’s story, they intrigued me.

Editing and formatting: The editing was excellent. The chapters were well formatted too, only complaint is that the headings could have been bigger.

Story flow: story flowed well, no plot holes to take you out of the story.

Conflict and Climax: This was a slow burn as both characters worked through their own struggles. Pierce in his distrust of alphas and Seth with his new found feelings toward a man. There were tears during this part for me, then happiness when the baby news and that scene was unfolding. I’ll just say pregnant men aren’t that common in that world. I think it was my favorite scene.

Summary: I loved the opening, she explained the world she built. There was no guesswork, or wondering about things that would take you out of the story. There were times where I had trouble connecting with the main characters, not in a major way but the emotions didn’t seem to connect. But it was small parts that mostly involved Pierce, when he was suppressing his memories. Personally I would have liked to know what those were to understand him more, later in the book as he opened up, the connection was stronger. Overall I enjoyed the story, and would recommend it.

I give this book 7 out of 10!

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