Solstice Prince Review ~ Told by a true storyteller … 9 out of 10!

Realms of Love Book 1

Author:  S.J. Himes

Release Date:  24 November, 2017                                                  Price: $3.99

Reviewed by: Tai

36566371Cover Art:  The title is in a distinct font, in color. The subtitle is easy to read in white. Author name is easily read. The cover looks juvenile considering the contents. Two males are on the cover and the boy at the front has his fingers bent oddly.

Illustrations: The map in the book adds a unique detail. While the illustrations look inked and are well done, they are juvenile for the contents.

Synopsis:  While it gives a sneak peek at the story, it does not warn of explicit adult content.

Plot:  Jaime is a young man who is shy, scared of everything after being held as a slave for months. Maxim was fond of Jaime from the first time he saw him. As their relationship builds, mutual respect and love forms.

Main Characters: 

Jaime is a shy young man with a healer’s gift.

Maxim is the youngest Prince.

Secondary Characters:

There are many secondary characters who add to the story, enriching the details and captivating the reader.

Flow/Continuity:  There were no breaks in the story and the intimate scenes were led up to with an easy gentleness.

Conflict & Climax:  There are many friendships formed and have a lightheartedness to them. Jaime growing and finding himself is perfect.

Editing/Formatting:  There are a couple of spelling errors, but nothing distracting from the story. Chapter headings are in a distinct font with some graphics.

Priced:  Priced comparable to most new releases.

Conclusion:  The Dedication is beautiful. This book is told by a true storyteller. Every relationship has been entered into carefully with each character. The details in which the story is told make you yearn for more. While this will be a series, it is not left as a cliffhanger. Could have been a 10* book apart from dubious cover art and no warning of sexual content!

Rating:  9 out of 10


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