Loving Graham Review ~ Definitely a 10* read!!

Author: Kenna Knight

Release Date: 28 November 2017                             Price: 0.99

Reviewed by: Felices

36591543Cover Art: The cover is finished in a deep pink with two men, topless, who accurately portray the two main characters.

Synopsis: Perhaps overlong but sets the scene, filling in on the background to the story, the two main characters and the baggage they are carrying. States it is an MM romance but no warning of adult only scenes.

Plot: It’s a straightforward plot. Salon owner and detective fall in love while solving the mystery of the robberies taking place.

Main Characters: Graham Blackwell, successful model and owner of hair salon Tease. Levi Yale, detective whose ex left him untrusting of having anything other than hook-ups.

Secondary Characters: Gloria, Graham’s assistant at the salon. Nicky, Levi’s best friend who grew up with him back in Wales. Many other characters appear who contribute to the story.

Flow/Continuity: Flows really well from one chapter to the next.

Conflict & Climax: We find out exactly why Levi is reluctant to be part of a relationship and why he has such low self-esteem. There are quite a few disagreements between the two main characters as they try to work through their problems. Leads to the discovery of the thief and ultimately what we all are rooting for.

Writing Style: Told in the first person present tense with alternating points of view clearly marked at each chapter. Easy to read writing style.

Editing/Formatting: Well edited and formatted. Each chapter begins on a new page marked with the number and character narrating. No blank pages, no obvious errors.

This is definitely a max 10 star read!

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