Holeshot Christmas Review ~ Sweet Novella … 9 out of 10!

Author: Lynn Michaels

Release: December 1, 2017          Price: 0.99

Reviewed by Lilith

36523202Cover art: Cover shows a shirtless man with a beard in a Santa hat, a motocross bike and rider on bottom half of book. Title and author name clearly readable. Very fitting for the season and story.

Synopsis: Short and sweet, much like the story. Draws you in without giving away story details. Mentions of it being a novella, and a warning for 18+ readers is present. As well as it being part of a series but can be read as a standalone.

Plot: Davey And Tyler are celebrating their first Christmas as husbands, while dealing with the ups and downs of a new marriage. A very pleasant holiday tale.

Main characters: Davey And Tyler, a motocross rider and mechanic team who fell in love and are celebrating their first Christmas as husbands. Tyler’s struggle with an absent father makes him relatable. Davey tries to be understanding and helps him through it.

Secondary characters: Janie is Tyler’s best friend and Dillon is Davey’s cousin. During a party scene many people from the other books are mentioned. The series seems like a good read with a variety of characters. Janie acts as Tyler’s confidante and helps him realize some issues, while Dillon is Davey’s inspiration, having been injured and being unable to race anymore.

Editing and formatting: Both well done, nothing present that drew you out of the story.

Story flow: Story flowed smoothly, no confusion even though it’s part of a series. If anything it made me want to read the other books.

Conflict and climax: The conflict was the usual for a new marriage, getting to know the quirks of the other. Here it was Tyler’s coping with a father who left when he was a child. His people pleasing was a cause of strife, thanks to Davey’s patience and Janie’s help, Tyler realized the problem and it was a start to resolve it. I liked that there was no magic cure. It still needed work and both of them were willing to work together to get through it.

Summary: This was a very nice novella for the season, and gave insight to the other books that piqued my interest. Just the right length for a quick read.

I give this sweet novella a 9 out of 10

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