Christmas Can Kiss My Dickens Review ~ Tastefully written … 10 out of 10!

Author:  Hunter Frost

Release Date:   1 December, 2017                            Price:  $3.99    £3.02

Reviewed by Tai

36417917Cover Art:  Shades of blue background with light reflections of snow on the top half of the cover. The bottom half is a blue brick road and someone in a wheelchair shadowed. The title is very Christmas-like in gold glitter with two legible fonts. The author name is bold in gold print, easy to read.

Synopsis:  Sexually explicit adult content not mentioned. Also, a tear jerker, grab a handkerchief.

Plot:  Tim is the typical Grinch character being lonely. Henry has a crush on his boss. After Henry quits there is a big turn of events.

Main Characters: 

Tim “Tiny Tim” Cratchit- is in a wheelchair. His attitude is withdrawn and cold.

Henry Scott- was an employee for Marley Co. until he quit after he kissed Tim.

Secondary Characters:

Ed, his dead godfather – a Christmas spirit

Jacob, his college boyfriend- almost hit Tim with his cab

Family- lots of family to make the story complete

Flow/Continuity:  The story flows beautifully with a few surprises. The intimate encounters enrich rather than distract from the storyline.

Conflict & Climax:  Being a scrooge story there is conflict in Tim’s behavior towards others. The highlight of the story is Tim finding that he does care and wants more for himself and others.

Editing: There weren’t any typos or errors to distract from the story.

Formatting:  Chapter headings are clear, small but legible.

Priced:  The price is pretty much the going rate these days.

Conclusion:  Tiny Tim has grown up. While the storyline has facets of the infamous Scrooge, Frost breathes new life into an old tale. There are unexpected events that make a handkerchief a necessity. As with a good Christmas story, this is emotionally charged and the hot scenes are tastefully written.

Rating:  10 out of 10!

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