Christmas Cookies Review ~ Well told story … 10 out of 10!

Author:  CL Mustafic

Release Date: 4 December, 2017                                             Price:  $3.99

Reviewed by Tai

Cover Art:  A blue multi-colored background with Christmas tree sprigs of blue and white, set off with white snowflakes. The title is in white cursive with the author’s name below legible in white print.

Synopsis:  A perfect description to the story. There is an adult content warning.

Plot:  Russ is trying to get on with his life after his husband, David dies. Russ’ ex-wife keeps trying to fix him up with women. When Russ takes a baking class, he meets Amos and tries to decide if he can have a relationship and still be faithful to David’s memory.

Main Characters: 

Russ- A widowed bisexual with two teenagers and an ex-wife

David- Russ’ dead husband

Amos- The hot baking teacher who wants to teach him a thing or two

Secondary Characters:

Most prominent are the ex-wife, Aubrey and her husband Noel, Russ and Aubrey’s kids RJ and Annabelle. There are many secondary characters who enrich the story.

Flow/Continuity:  This was a well told story with no breaks or pauses. The intimate scenes fit the way the story flows.

Conflict & Climax:  Anytime there is a death there are moments of confusion when you feel guilt. It is portrayed well in this book. Russ explaining life and keeping his children on an even pattern is difficult and explained very well.

Editing/Formatting:  The chapters are separated by large type headings.

Priced:  Comparable to new releases

Conclusion:  In today’s world of trying to figure out family, life, death and sexuality, there is a comfort in it being explained in such an honest way as this story.

Rating:  10 out of 10!

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