His Taken Omega Review ~ Action-filled story … 7 out of 10!

The Mountain Shifters ~ Book 11

Author:  L.C. Davis

Release date: November 30, 2017                Price: $2.99

Reviewed by Lilith

36700699Cover art: We see a man with his shirt open and a black bow tie holding a cigar. Title and author name is clearly readable. The part that says it’s an mm shifter mpreg romance is not as visible and blends into the background, also missing is that it’s part of a series. Seems to be able to be read as a standalone though. I didn’t read the previous books but there’s no confusion while reading this one.

Synopsis: A bit long and seems to give extra info you could get from the book. Does do a good job of introducing the characters.

Plot: After surviving a kidnapping three months earlier, and killing another omega in self-defense, Avery is having nightmares and anxiety attacks. After one such attack at a fundraiser, his parents send him to rest and recover in the Southbend Pack. Nicholas is the new pack leader who closed his successful law practice to take over as Pack Alpha after the death of his father. He dislikes omegas so he’s not thrilled that they will be hosting Avery in his family home.  A very good plot idea, the abusive omega who victimizes a young alpha was a refreshing twist.

Main characters: Avery is the spokes-omega for The Futurus Initiative Program who was kidnapped by the resistance group Epsilon. And Nicholas is the new Alpha for the Southbend Pack who dislikes omegas due to past abuse by one. Both had ghosts from their pasts they were running from. Nicholas was a fascinating character. It’s not often that the alpha in these books is the abused one. Would have helped if why he didn’t like omegas could have been revealed a little sooner though.

Secondary characters: For Nicholas’ side there are his cousin Douglas, little sister Hayley, big brother Myron, and his mother Beverly.  For Avery there are his parents Nina and Trey. Of all the secondary characters Hayley was most present.

Editing: There was quite a few editing issues, wrong words which might be caught before release. There were also several plot holes that distracted from the story. Unfortunately the main one was during the action scene so it was more distracting the others which could be overlooked.

Formatting and flow: The formatting was good with clearly marked and labeled chapters. The story flow was good too, had a slow buildup to the action.

Conflict and climax: There was lots of conflict in the story, a proper southern raised omega with an anxiety disorder and an omega hating alpha is the recipe for drama. Throw in imprinting and this was the making for an action filled story. Once the action started it was hard to put down.

Summary: This book had the making for an excellent story, unfortunately there were plotholes and the slow burn at the start was a little too slow. Avery was an open book, you knew why he was like he was. Nicholas on the other hand had secrets, once they were revealed was when the book got good, but that was halfway through it. Then the river scene had so much promise but the error in it took you out of the story. The same happened later on when the sex of the baby was revealed but no mention of ever having a sonagram. Without the errors this would have been a very enjoyable read.

I give this book a 7 out of 10*

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