Only With You Review ~ Flowing writing style… 10 out of 10!

Only Colorado ~ Book 1

Author: J D Chambers

Release Date:    5 December 2017                             Price: £3.05 $4.11

Reviewed by: Felices

36552716Cover Art: A young man can be seen smiling out to the left of the cover. He is standing with his arms folded across his chest. He has blond hair, wears dorky dark framed spectacles and a white shirt. He appears against a white background. The titling is in a large turquoise-green font beside the character, with the author’s name along the bottom in the same colour but different font. It also shows it is the first book in a series.

Synopsis: Sets the scene well introducing both main characters. No warnings of adult content.

Plot: Two opposites attract and develop a relationship but are both hiding secrets which may or may not ruin their chances of reaching a happy ever after.

Main Characters: Zach Keller, shy introvert, self-employed business analyst, who wants to change his life, has a kinky side. Craig Pela, extrovert, works in Game Over, gaming store, stuck in a rut who also wants to move forward by putting himself through college.

Secondary Characters: Ben, Zach’s housemate who works in the gaming store with Craig. Mrs Hill, Craig’s substitute mum and card sharp.

Flow/Continuity: The story flows along at a steady pace, it is really well written. Continuity is excellent, each scene is linked to the next.

Conflict & Climax: Our two main characters bump along together with Zach blushing and becoming embarrassed frequently as befits his character and Craig having to apologise frequently for putting his foot in it.

Writing Style: The author has a flowing writing style and writes in the first person present tense, in alternating points of view.

Editing/Formatting: Well edited, no mistakes to spoil the story. Formatting is good, pages are neat, text is justified to give tidy margins, and chapters are headed with character’s name.

Price: Reasonable price and about average for the length of book.

Conclusion: I loved this story. With horny kinky characters, what’s not to like?

I give this 10 out of 10!

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