Love Happens Anyway Review ~ Full of character & Color … 10 out of 10!

Author: RJ Scott

Release date: 7 December 2017        Price: £2.49 UK, $3.99 CAN, $3.15 US.

Reviewed by: Dago

36445577Cover Art: I love the cover of the book. I have a thing for snowmen, so it hit all the right notes. Plus it’s so cheery and festive, perfect for a Christmas novella. The title and author are easy to read too.

Synopsis: It was short, to the point and told just enough to bring you in.

Plot: Boyfriend for hire, I mean how can this not go wrong. I like this kind of story, it always means trouble, and I think RJ Scott definitely knows how to bring men together under duress and money.

Main Characters: Derek was a bit of a mess, and that made him endearing and easy to love. Luke was straight-out honest and I love that he didn’t pretend anything.

Secondary Characters: Both of their families were kind, helpful and interesting.

Flow/Continuity: The story flowed so smoothly and easily. The story was told in both Derek’s and Luke’s POV and it flowed from one to another.

Conflict & Climax: I like that the conflict wasn’t crazy or miscommunication but really about Derek and Luke figuring things about themselves.

Writing Style: I think RJ’s writing style is so nice to read. The story was full of character and colour and I could easily picture all the scenes.

Editing/Formatting: I received an ARC and it was very clean and easy to read, no major or noticeable errors. It had just enough whitespace to be easy to read without having to flip pages often.

Price: £2.49 UK, $3.99 CAN, $3.15 US. It was over 41K words and I think this is a reasonable price for a nice afternoon’s read.

Rating: I think it’s a 10 out of 10 stars and now I want to build a snowman!

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