You’ve Been Knotty Review ~ Interesting pairing … 9 out of 10!

Author: Kellan Larkin

Release Date: 28 November 2017             Price: $2.99

Reviewed by: Sophie

36683833Cover Art:  A brown-haired, bare-chested man, wearing a red Santa hat and a string of fairy lights as a scarf, and sporting brown wings, stares out at the reader. There is a baby on the bottom of the cover. The baby is covered by the font. I do not like the font or its color. I think it is not readable. In addition to the mess that is the man and the baby, the designer decided that it would be a great idea to have white and yellow balls that kind of look like balloons. The snowflakes look out of place too.

Synopsis: The author introduces the reader to the main characters. The introduction promises the reader a sexy mpreg twist on the traditional Christmas Carol.

Main Characters: The main characters are Jake Marley and Eben Meiser. They are ex-lovers who meet once more over the Christmas season. Both men are shifters with Jake being a wolf shifter and Eben a dragon shifter. The men are very passionate towards each other.

Secondary Characters: They add some drama to the story.

Plot: It is the traditional ‘A Christmas Carol’ story told as a male male romance, with a shifter male pregnancy twist. It was straightforward; a good mix of romance and tension.

Flow/Continuity: I think that there were no problems with either the flow or continuity. The story itself went smoothly. The moments of intimacy were well placed in the story. Everything worked out for this story.

Conflict/Climax: There was a lot of tension between Jake and Eben. It is not all bad because most of it revolves around the fact that they are ex-lovers. The author resolves the conflict satisfactorily.

Editing: I was annoyed by numerous spacing in words that should not have been there. As I received an ARC, I do not know if it would carry on to the final product.

Conclusion: I think that this is nice short story. It has an interesting paranormal pairing; a dragon paired with a wolf shifter. I liked that the passion was realistic.

For all these reasons, I give this story nine out of 10 stars!

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