Won’t Feel A Thing Review ~ Heartwarming … 9 out of 10!

St.Cross – Book 1

Author:  CF White

Release Date: 19 December, 2017                           Price:  $3.99

Reviewed by Tai

Cover Art:  There are figures of three men in the background which look like overlays. In the foreground there are watermarks of a hospital, stethoscope and keyboard, letting the reader know there is medical content. The title is a blue with a blue background which complement each other. The author’s name is white and easy to read against the background. The cover is crowded but organized.

Synopsis:  There is an accurate peek at the contents. One that does encourage you to read more of the story. This book does state it contains explicit sexual scenes as well as having a disclaimer.

Plot:  Ollie is working the job he always wanted at the facility he wanted to work at, for a price. As a young student, he made ties that bound him from any freedom, until he met the father of a patient and found his strength.

Main Characters:

Oliver “Ollie” Warne, Nurse at a Pediatric Cardiology Ward

Taya is Ollie’s best friend and co-worker

Dr. Elliott Rawlings, heart specialist who is having a relationship of sorts with Ollie

Jacob is the father of one of Ollie’s pediatric patients recovering from heart surgery

Secondary Characters:

While there are not many secondary characters, the ones who do appear make it necessary for the flow of the storyline.

Flow/Continuity:  The intimate scenes fit the roles the characters portray. There are no breaks in the storyline.

Conflict & Climax:  Ollie’s relationship with Dr. Rawlings is strained at best with Rawlings having a more Dom-type roll in his demands. Ollie standing up to the Doctor makes you want to cheer for him, outside of the inappropriate location.

Editing/Formatting:  There were a couple of errors that were sent for correction. Chapter headings are large and easy to read.

Priced:  Comparable to new releases and worth the money for a good story such as this.

Conclusion: This feels like a story within a heartwarming story of caring for pediatrics and supporting their families. It goes the next step into the Nurse’s life and how he lives and loves. At that point it is for adults only.

Rating:  9 out of 10.

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