Calamine & Christmas Cake Review ~ A feel-good read … 9 out of 10!

Author: Lilian Francis 

Release Date:18 December 2017                       Price:£2.24 $2.98 

Reviewed by Felices

Cover Art: The top half showers a man asleep with his head resting on his arm on a pillow. The bottom half is a snowy Winter street scene. A diagonal banner in blue divides the two images, with the title in a script and author’s name in upper case, both in black. The cover is an accurate depiction of the contents. 

Synopsis: Tells the outline of the story accurately without any spoilers. There is no warning of adult content on retailer sites although one does appear inside the book.  

Plot: Glenn and boyfriend Xander go away for a romantic Christmas break following Glenn’s lottery win, but when Glenn falls victim to measles contracted from one of his pupils, Xander does a runner. Romance blossoms between Glenn and Sebastian as he is nursed back to health. 

Main Characters: Glenn Trevor, teacher who falls ill with measles. Sebastian, trainee manager and general dogsbody at the hotel owned by his aunt, who is tasked with caring for their sick guest. 

Secondary Characters: Xander, boyfriend who splits when Glenn goes down with measles. He makes an appearance at the beginning of the book but is mentioned throughout. Piotr, gardener and handyman who is very protective of Sebastian. Other minor characters are involved throughout the story.  

Flow/Continuity: Flows easily throughout, scene changes mid-chapter are marked. There are no continuity errors. 

Conflict & Climax: Sebastian is insecure about whether Glenn is just using him for a holiday fling like so many hotel guests like to do. The climax comes when Glenn is well enough to leave but the happy ever after, which we know there is one, keeps us hanging right until the last page. 

Writing Style: Lillian has an easy flowing style. The story is written in the first person past tense from Glenn’s point of view. 

Editing/Formatting: Very well edited with only a couple of very minor typos which no doubt, as this is an ARC copy, will have been corrected by now. Nothing which took me out of the story The formatting is tidy, with each chapter headed in bold and beginning on a new page. No unwanted whitespace. 

Price: Reasonable considering the length of book and quality. 

Conclusion: For a Christmas seasonal story, this was excellent, smooth read with a feelgood happy ever after. 

I give this 9* out of 10. 

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